About the Program

Join this supportive peer mentoring group to advance your marketing career to the next level. Women in Marketing is designed for women marketers in the Washington DC region. Currently, meetings are held virtually and include monthly events and online discussion community in an informal virtual format.

Topics will include*: 

  • Sharing support and learning from one another around issues such as balancing work and family and grappling with other personal issues – health and relationships, for example
  • Discovering ways to collaborate
  • Finding ways to get on boards and navigate board positions
  • Advancing to senior and C-suite roles
  • Managing your own marketing as an entrepreneur
  • Sharing best practices

*Final topics will be based on participants’ goals and interests.

Recent Guest Speakers include Mary Jane Reed who presented on “Feeling Overwhelmed? Practice Resiliency During Times of Crisis” and a fundraising partnership with local non-profits, introducing networking opportunities with marketing specialists, consultants and entrepreneurs from metro DC area businesses and marketing agencies.

Reasons to Join

Connecting and networking is one of the essential tools you need in your tool kit to advance your career. It's especially important for women because the journey to leadership is not direct; there are many obstacles and unexpected changes along the way which require constant recalculations and reassessments of next moves. Rather than go this journey alone, we believe that this group can offer support and important benefits. 

Additionally, you can expect:

  • Sharing of best leadership practices for authentic success
  • Peer mentoring with other women DC marketers
  • Inspiring guest speakers
  • Personal growth opportunities
  • Latest research strategies for women in leadership
  • Fun monthly gatherings online and in person (someday : )


Meeting Dates & Location Details

We encourage you to attend a virtual event with us! Check out the AMADC Events page for all of the chapter's upcoming events.

Reach out and get involved! Contact info@amadc.org.