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Increase your visibility, build strong relationships, and have fun!

One of the most rewarding AMADC membership benefits is serving as a volunteer. With several committees to choose from with multiple initiatives, you have no shortage of opportunities. Not only will you connect and network with some of the most powerful businesses in the DC region but you’ll also play an integral role in shaping AMADC initiatives, programs, and communications.


Steps to Become a Volunteer

  1. Be an AMA member in good standing. If you’re not yet an AMA member, become one now.
  2. Fill out the Volunteer Application. This will help the Membership Team to identify the skills and interests you have that match with upcoming openings.
  3. Sign the Volunteer Commitment Agreement. We will follow up with this once we have spoken with you.



Why Volunteer 



You’ll work closely with Programming and Membership to help communicate the Chapter’s value to current and potential members, current and potential sponsors, and the news media.


You’ll help recruit and engage AMADC members by organizing member appreciation events, managing the Volunteer Program, working with the local collegiate community, and more.


You’ll help plan professional development and networking events, develop timely and relevant topics, secure speakers, handle logistics, host events, and more. You’ll help recruit members to volunteer, communicate with prospective volunteers, maintain our current database of volunteers, and keep volunteers engaged with the association.


You’ll help identify and recruit corporate sponsors, manage contracts for these partnerships, and work with Programming, Communications, and other relevant team members to ensure that the terms of the contracts are fulfilled.

Data and Insights

Maybe you are interested in getting into the market research field. Or, perhaps you are a highly experienced market researcher. Or you may be realizing that the field of market research is becoming increasingly valuable to the marketing industry and you want to get some real-world experience under your belt. Regardless of the reason, we’d love to have you volunteer on our market research team! We’ll give you the opportunity to learn more about the market research field, expand your network, and strengthen your marketing skills. And, we’ll tailor the experience to you, and what you would like to gain through the AMADC volunteer experience.

Brand Experience

You’ll help support the website to ensure it effectively represents the AMADC brand with one voice, a consistent and awesome experience and help to drive traffic.



Interested? Questions? 


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