The Marketing Communications and Branding Team in conjunction with the President is ultimately responsible for developing AMADC’s social media strategy including identification of social media sites to be utilized for branding and chapter promotion, the communication of events and other chapter activities, and management of social media platforms including forming groups and approving group requests. All postings or comments posted to any social media platform created for and on behalf of the chapter must be reviewed and approved AMADC. We may decide, over time, that certain content and postings may be published without additional approval under special circumstances. However, content must adhere to the AMADC mission, chapter plan, goals and objectives and brand standards at all times or may be immediately removed. AMADC’s approved social media sites are LinkedIn, Facebook, GovLoop and Twitter. Any other social media sites are not approved for official AMADC use at this time.

All content and postings must be created with the intent to further the AMADC brand, enhance the AMADC mission, generate revenue and/or increase member recruitment and retention, unless otherwise approved by the appropriate approving parties.  Any Board member or committee volunteer who notices that content or postings are not in compliance with this policy will immediately notify the Approving Parties.

Social media sites are to be maintained and updated daily by the Approving Parties and designated volunteers including monitoring of comments and questions in addition to active recruitment of new subscribers or “friends1“. Postings are to be written by designated Marketing Communications Team members and Social Media Committee volunteers. A weekly schedule of postings and the general content of those postings is to be coordinated and approved in advance by the Approving Parties. Any Board member wishing to utilize social media platforms to promote chapter activities should make such a request, in writing, at least 24 hours in advance of posting request. Approving Parties may grant exceptions to required notification parameters. Approving Parties will notify requestors if the request cannot be fulfilled for any reason.

What is ok and NOT ok to post to the AMADC social media sites:

More detailed information on posting guidelines is available under “Terms and Conditions”. 

OK to post
  • Requests for marketing resources and recommendations
  • Discussions regarding marketing news, ideas and concepts
  • Thoughtful comments on items of interest posted by other group members
  • Introductions to the group and elevator pitches when you personally are looking for work (LinkedIn Job Seekers Subgroup ONLY)
  • Single links to industry-related blogs or websites, with a small amount of text – you are welcome to post a synopsis of a post with a link at the bottom of the post 
Not OK 
  • Selling anything – this includes personal items (sports tickets, DVDs, CDs, etc.), and products, services, events, seminars, or webinars that are not hosted or sponsored by the chapter without explicit approval from AMADC
  • Surprisingly – Job opportunities. The chapter has its own job board and gets lots of great employers looking for great marketers. Check it out here.
  • Posting the same item more than once
  • Comments that are not relevant to an original post
  • Comments that are slanderous, libelous, use abusive or inappropriate language or make a false accusation about AMADC, chapter sponsors, members or non-members of the group
  • Comments that make a physical threat against AMADC members, volunteers or prospects

Postings may not link to sites that contain inappropriate content as determined AMADC or that do not adhere to the Social Media Policy.  Any images, likenesses or audio posted on an AMADC social media site must be public domain; owned by AMADC, with proper media release documentation; or with proper credit/approval provided. No image or audio may be posted on an AMADC social media site that includes nudity, inappropriate gestures, words or acts, or do not generally further the mission of AMADC. Site content and posting may be reviewed daily, at which time content may be removed or added based on strategic goals.

No “friends” will be invited or accepted into an approved AMADC social media group with inappropriate online names. Requests from users promoting inappropriate products and/or services will also be refused. Each individual profile must have a group picture. Members and non-members may participate.

A volunteer always be available for postings and/or site management.


To make AMADC’s social media sites the best possible environment, we invite members and non-members to participate in our groups and ask that everyone follow a few simple guidelines. We’ll do our part to ensure the AMADC social media sites remain a constructive and supportive place but we need everyone’s help.


Please don’t spam. What is spam? Spam is posting the same message repeatedly across the network. Spam is writing the same post or comment over and over again. Spam is sending the same message to multiple members. You get the picture. We take a hard line view on spam and inappropriate language. If you are reported to or deemed by us to be a spammer, we may ban you from the AMADC social media sites.


AMADC social media sites are a place to share marketing related information. Please keep your comments and discussion postings on topic, rated PG-13, spam free, and appropriate for a mixed audience. No personal accusations, personal communication or comments that negatively represent the AMADC brand. The Approving Parties take a hard line view on spam and inappropriate language. Any invitations or comments must be germane to the mission of the site and furthering the AMADC’s brand. If you are reported or deemed by us to be in conflict with these standards, we may ban you from participating on AMADC’s social media sites.


AMADC’s social media sites are a place to share marketing related information. This includes the sharing of videos and photos. Please make sure that you have permission to use and distribute any videos or photos that you post. Please make sure that your videos and photos are rated PG-13, spam free, and appropriate for a mixed audience. We take a hard line view on spam, inappropriate language and visuals. If you are reported or deemed by us to be in conflict with these standards, we may ban you from participating and remove you from any and all of AMADC’s social media sites.


The good news – If you’ve got something to say that is directly relevant to Marketing, we encourage you to tell folks about it on our social media sites!

The bad news – there are a set of advertisements and promotions – such as asking for donations, or telling everyone about ways to make money fast on the Internet – that you may think are relevant to everyone, but, well, they aren’t.

Currently, we limit posting of events to those approved by AMADC. Events posted and not approved by AMADC may be removed.

We will delete content and may ban members who are abusing the social media sites by fulfilling our “bad news” guidelines.


Respectfully disagreeing with someone – including us – in a constructive, well-reasoned manner is not only welcomed, but encouraged. We can’t get better if we don’t have thoughtful, constructive feedback from you about your experience with AMADC. That’s why we’re here.

On the other hand, if you’re here to find an outlet for your anger, frustration, or desire to call us or anyone else IDIOTS IN ALL CAPS over and over again, this isn’t the right place. Drop us a note or call us to get whatever it is off your chest. We do read every email that comes in and will get the message loud and clear when you are unhappy.

We take threatening, unconstructive, toxic, profane, or generally abusive people very seriously and will ban fast and furiously when we see them. Even if you have a right to be angry or frustrated, yelling at us or other members here isn’t helpful and won’t get you what you want. Just like in the real world.


If you’ve been banned from the AMADC social media site or had a comment deleted by us and you think it is in error, by all means let us know. We’ll always take another look at the specific case and respond at least once to your concerns.

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to publicly handle appeals or articulate reasons for banning someone. These topics have a tendency to devolve into the realm of unconstructive shouting matches that take a lot of time and don’t end well. As a result, we’ll remove discussions and posts asking for public comment on banning.

We totally recognize that AMADC social media sites won’t be for everyone. If our Terms of Service or these few simple requests here aren’t going to work for you, we totally understand. We hate having to ban people or delete inappropriate content, so if you don’t think that this is going to work for you upfront, it’s much better for all of us to know it now.


Questions? Reach out to us at