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Protégés learn from a mentor’s personal and professional experience, knowledge and skills. This one-on-one relationship allows protégés to gain individual attention on career issues, get guidance on focusing focus career aspirations, set goals for professional development, and address networking needs.

As a protégé, you’ll gain valuable knowledge from your mentor’s expertise and past experiences, increase your competencies in specific areas, and establish valuable connections with senior marketers and other protégés. See and hear more from past program participants in the video below:


Here are just a few other benefits to consider:

  • Having someone listen to your triumphs and frustrations as a marketer
  • Gain insights into requirements for professional growth
  • Learn real-life lessons on building a marketing career in today’s rapidly changing discipline



Sheeba Smith“Things are changing so quickly in marketing. You should definitely know that you don’t know everything. This is a great way to learn.” – AMADC Mentor Program protégé Sheebah Smith, 2016-2017



What your mentor will expect

Protégés are  responsible for setting the goals of the partnership and initiating meetings and calls. You’ll also be required to track your progress on the goals you have set for the program.

According to our mentors, ideal protégés are junior to experienced professionals who are:

  • Proactive and willing to try new approaches
  • Open to feedback
  • Clear about their goals and vision of success
  • Make and keep commitments 

As you reflect on being mentored, think about who you would like as a mentor and what you would like to receive from them. This is, after all, going to be a partnership.

Your role and eligibility:

The role of the protégé in the program is that of learner. The Mentors assist in career planning, answer questions and offer feedback on performance, boost self-esteem, facilitate networking, and help protégés design realistic goals.

In order to qualify for the program, you should have the following background:

  • New marketing professionals (three-five years of experience) and currently working


  • Professionals who are transitioning from another career to marketing and currently working
  • New or current AMADC members. 
  • Able and have the time to actively engage in a relationship with a mentor for the duration of the program.

You should have the ability to meet up in person. (Participants must be located in the Metro DC area.)

Join us today. Applications close September 16, 2022


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