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Being a mentor is an opportunity to give back and to gain valuable, hands-on experience as a teacher and a coach.

According to Forbes, mentors experience five- to six-fold increases in rates of promotion and are 20% more likely to receive a promotion.

As an AMADC Marketing Mentor, you’ll benefit from:

  • Sharing your experiences and challenges in confidence to uncover lessons learned
  • Strengthening your leadership and instructor skills
  • Recharging your sense of accomplishment and purpose
  • Networking with other AMADC members / mentors in the local marketing and communications community
  • Gaining personal satisfaction from helping someone grow professionally


Hunter Montgomery

“I’ve been in marketing for several decades now, and I approach this discipline in a certain way. But there are many possible approaches. . . I wanted to connect with younger marketers to understand more of what they’re learning.”  – AMADC Mentor Program mentor, 2016-2017 (Hunter Montgomery, in conversation)



What protégés want

Protégés have described an ideal mentor as an experienced professional who:

  • Values regular contact and provides real-world insight
  • Provides access to resources or further support
  • Listens actively to understand individual challenges 
  • Asks great questions to spur creative thinking/ideas 
  • Respects confidentiality and withholds judgement

Your role and eligibility

Mentors assist in career planning, answer questions and offer feedback on performance, boost self-esteem, facilitate networking, and help protégés design realistic goals.

To qualify for the program, we ask that mentors have:

  • Five years* or more professional experience in marketing.
  • The ability to provide insights into marketing to help guide the protégé.
  • The availability and interest required to maintain a relationship with a protégé for the duration of the program.
  • The ability to meet up in person. (Participants must be located in the Metro DC area.)

*Note: If you have less than five years of experience, you can still apply for consideration if you have a specific area of expertise to share.

Join us today! Applications close September 16, 2022


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