We’re excited that the Business Accelerator Program launched in January. Focusing on helping entrepreneurs with sales and marketing guidance in our digital economy, the program pilot has started off with a small group of five participants. Led by AMADC VP Mentor Program Angela Long, the virtual program focuses on providing immersive and highly personalized hands-on coaching with veteran sales and marketing guru Walter Pollard. The pilot has intentionally been kept small and for a short timeframe (the program runs from January to March) to allow for flexibility in developing a structure and content for a best-in-class program moving forward. “We created BAP to fill a need that wasn’t being met by the Mentor Program,” explains Angela. “Although the Mentor Program is a general ‘help all’ program, entrepreneurs need different guidance than someone who is looking to get into marketing from another industry or for that next promotion.”

Taking this agile approach not only means that participants get hands-on support and one-on-one attention, but it means that the program can be run and built at the same time. “It’s like we’re building a plane as we’re flying it, but we’ve opted to start with a single engine six-seater for this session, and not a 747,” Angela added.

What makes the program unique is not only the one-on-one personalized coaching, but also the community that is created by being part of the program. Entrepreneurs are perceived as lone wolves, but studies have shown that being part of a supportive community within the sector or industry that entrepreneurs operate in is more likely to yield success.

The Business Accelerator Program is in its very early stages, but promises to be a key offering of the Mentor Program as it grows. Stay tuned and learn more about AMADC’s Mentor Program.