What’s a genius marketing campaign? It’s the campaign that made you really proud. It was exceptional. Your genius marketing campaign hit Schopenhauer’s description of genius. And changed everything.

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“Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.”

German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer

Did your Genius Shine in a 2019 Marketing Campaign?

What’s a genius marketing campaign? It’s the campaign that made you really proud. It was exceptional. Your genius marketing campaign hit Schopenhauer’s description of genius. And changed everything.

Of course, it’s impossible to give genius definitions. But, It’s the campaign that used awesomely clever content, a cool set of technology, a great combo of marketing channels, brilliant creative or a bold, new approach. And your genius campaign exceeded initial campaign goals, delivered blowout results, or outsmarted the competition.

And we want you to nominate it for the 2020 Campaigns of Staggering Genius AwardsTM.

What are the Campaigns of Staggering Genius Awards, Anyway?

Sometimes called the Genius CampaignsTM, the Campaigns of Staggering Genius Awards, are a program of DC Marketing Tech Talks, the area’s leading marketing technology community. With nearly 1800 members spanning marketing operations, demand generation, growth marketing, and many other functions, members work for DC largest corporations and hottest startups, MarTech vendors, agencies and everything in between.

Genius campaign champs win the opportunity to present at the 4th annual Marketing Tech Magnified 2020 conference on March 27th in Reston, Virginia.

So from now to February 29, 2020, we’re taking nominations for Campaigns of Staggering Genius Awards herebut if you need some more guidance as to what’s a genius marketing campaign, read on for an overview of last year’s winners.

Get Inspired by Last Year’s Winning Campaigns

Each of these campaigns may be genius in different ways, but they all delivered legendary results.

SparkLoft’s campaign was genius in how they planned and executed an ambitious goal within an incredibly short period of time. Fidelis Cybersecurity was ingenious in how it took advantage of buyer intent data together with nurture gain brand awareness.

As for Phone2Action, its genius was in its plan and execution of an omni-channel campaign. SalsaLabs and WebMechanix showed how its genius, but relatively small paid and organic search strategy delivered the deals. Upside’s campaign was a genius use of a YouTube comedy sensation to become relatable to their potential buyers. And finally, GE Power’s campaign filled with Anthony Bourdain-styled videos can turnaround negative impressions into inspirational and positive ones.

Meet our 2019 Genius Campaigns Winners

Last year’s winners span social, demand gen, paid and organic search, omni-channel, brand, and third-party digital channels.

Score a Social Media Touchdown: Building Social Engagement 
by Gio Palatucci, Director of Social Media Services at Sparkloft Media

As the 2018 NFL Season capped off with the Big Game held in Atlanta, Gio Palatucci and the Sparkloft team devised the social media strategy to get the city of Atlanta into the endzone of positive buzz. Gio Palatucci and her team created a social media content and engagement strategy to show Atlanta hospitality to the world.  The team created a a Social Media Command Center to develop real-time content, monitor social conversation gathered by a small army of social media runners, and facilitate fan engagement across social media channels. In just ten days before the Big Game, the Sparkloft team’s social media strategy resulted in an epic 10 million+ impressions, hundreds of thousands of video views, more than 100K social engagements, and 79,000 new fans/followers.

Let’s Make a Deal: Using B2B Buyer Intent Data 
by Moni Oloyede, Marketing Operations at Fidelis Cybersecurity

Moni and her team at Fidelis Cybersecurity aimed to improve the effectiveness of their nurture campaigns by going beyond brand awareness and educational content, due to their lengthy sales cycle. To get the job done, they used a syndicated content vendor who could provide buyer Intent data around product interest to turn completely cold leads into sales. Following a 3 phase campaign that included putting prospects into an “air cover” nurture made up of a twelve-touch email campaign to build brand recognition and product knowledge, as well as BDR scripts and cadence to keep them on message and motivated to stay with the prospect. Of the prospects who engaged (click in 2 or emails in the nurture) 80% became MQLs, off the 80% that were MQLs – 40% became booked meetings – well exceeding the goal.

Newsjacking The Midterms: An Omni-channel Campaign 
by Chris Rodriguez at Phone2Action

As a start-up, they aimed to grow brand awareness and recognition as a thought leader. So during election week 2018, Senior Director of Marketing Chris Rodriguez and the Phone2action team pursued an omni-channel strategy of Politico email newsletter sponsorship, ads on Capital One Arena giant screens, Social ads promoted election week content, and retargeting. The result was millions of impressions across their chosen channels. On every metric, from users, new users, session duration, to bounce rates, Phone2action saw double digit improvements and expanded awareness across greater DC.

How SalsaLabs and WebMechanix Slayed the Salesforce Dragon: Outsmarting the Competition with Paid Search 
by Chris Mechanic, CEO at Webmechanix

CRM company SalsaLabs invested many thousands of dollars on Google AdWords over a few months with no return. No conversions, much less sales. To change that, they partnered with Webmechanix CEO Chris Mechanic and his team to outflank the competition, CRM giant Salesforce. Using branded organic and paid search campaigns, together with retargeting and a custom product finder form, Webmechanix jump started conversions and sales. The campaign reduced overall ad spend by 80%, had a 656% return on spend, reduced cost per conversion by 19% and reduced ad spend to annual contract value ratio by nearly 80%. 

Air Travel in Real Life: Growing Awareness using YouTube Ads
by Catherine Guarnieri, Growth Lead at Upside Business Travel

Travel management startup, Upside aimed to grow brand awareness among a younger, tech-forward audience of ‘DIY’ business travelers. Growth Lead Catherine Guarnieri hired two well-known YouTubers to produce relatable comedy videos about the less glamorous parts of business travel. The videos streamed from the comedians’ YouTube channel, as well as on an Upside landing page. They drove landing page visits through paid and organic social channels, as well as the comedy team’s owned media channels.  Weeks after launch, the Air Travel in Real Life  video had 700K+ YouTube channel views and Facebook video aggregators picked it up, which lead to another extraordinary 6.5 million views.

Improving Brand Affinity in Negative News Cycles: Editorial-Style CNN Ads 
by Kristin Fallon, Head of Content and Storytelling at GE Power

After several challenging years, GE faced negative media coverage and desperately needed to “take back” their voice. They needed to reassure customers that GE is still a valuable, innovative company with a brilliant future. So Head of Content and Storytelling Kristin Fallon and her team partnered with CNN to deliver smart, creative branded content on CNN’s digital and linear media channels. GE aired branded content on CNN’s global social media channels, effectively distributing paid advertising. The campaign’s centerpiece featured Anthony Bourdain-style, energetic videos that explored how power changes lives, along with journalistic-style stories.  Results exceeded expectations. GE reached nearly 80 million people through various channels and content to become farthest-reaching customer brand campaigns and improved brand metrics across the board. While not the campaign goal, it drove significant new demand with 50% more lead form fills than the non-promotion period, delivering a huge percentage of all new leads for future-facing products.

Hopefully, these winners motivate you to nominate your own marketing genius. Check out the conference website’s page on the genius campaigns to learn more about last year’s winners.

Nominate Your Marketing Campaign Masterpiece for 2020 Awards Now

Simply nominate your campaign for our annual Campaigns of Staggering GeniusTM Awards by completing the Campaigns of Staggering Genius nomination form. Award categories are:

  • Demand Generation
  • Account-based Marketing (ABM)
  • Brand
  • Omni-Channel
  • Other (if you really can’t put your campaign in the other 4)

Please give as much details as possible, but we may follow up to ask for more information. If your campaign is selected as a finalist, please plan on participating in a lightning round held via webinar on our DC Marketing Tech Talks BrightTALK channel on March 13 and 14th at 12 noon. Finalists will present their campaigns in 7 or 8 minutes and no more than 4 slides.

So hurry, we can’t wait to hear all about your marketing campaign of staggering genius. All nominations are due by February 29, 2020!

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