Women in Marketing Survey

To understand the challenges facing women in marketing, AMADC fielded a short survey to readers in Fall 2019.* The survey wasn’t meant to be all encompassing or to be of deep scientific vigor, but rather to give us a glimpse into what women marketers in DC metro are dealing with. 

Here's what we found:

The top three career issues women in marketing are dealing with are: Influencing key leaders, feeling/expressing confidence and gaining visibility.

Which career issues do you struggle with most? 

Women and work issues table

The top three personal/work issues are: Managing stress, balancing work/life priorities and finding “me” time for personal interests. 

Which personal/work issues do you struggle with most? 

Women and private/work issues table

Respondents cited various ways women marketers can help women marketers. Ideas shared included: An open online forum, speed networking and guidance on how to plan for a family while working. Others offered encouraging words:


"Be more supportive and encouraging."

"Let's help each other and not compete."

"We need to take more chances and leaps of faith. Just because we may not have the skills now does not mean we cannot learn in the process." 


Survey findings will help to inform AMADC initiatives and the type of programming that we will host.

* The survey received 28 responses. 50% of the respondents have 5-15 years of experience in marketing and 33% work in non-profit.