AMADC|Marketing Mentor|Sarah Humphrey

Sarah S. Humphrey
Communicate with Integrity, Inc

Sarah started her career over 30 years ago as a copywriter at an iconic NY ad agency, and worked her way up to Creative Director. Always a strategic thinker, she naturally gravitated to strategy roles as strategic planning became its own discipline. She’s kept a foot in both worlds ever since, and is now focused on brand strategy and communications at her own consultancy. She still writes a lot, and recently has enjoyed writing radio campaigns.

AMADC: What attracted you to the marketing profession? What keeps you inspired?
SH: I love the blend of creative and strategic thinking. I am by nature a problem solver, so having new problems to solve all the time keeps it interesting. I'm especially inspired now by taking on projects that are making a positive impact in the world and helping humanity.

AMADC: How long have you been a mentor with the Marketing Mentors Network?
SH: I started mentoring last year and loved it. Can't wait to start again soon!

AMADC: What made you decide to join the Marketing Mentors Network
SH: I'm committed to giving back. I think my strategic thinking and writing ability can help people focus on what they really want to do, and help them succeed.

AMADC: What (if anything) have you learned from your time in the program?
SH: As usual, volunteering often gives you more than you give!

AMADC: What is your favorite part about being a mentor?
SH: Feeling like I'm making a positive contribution.

AMADC: What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor?
SH: The secret sauce is giving makes you happy!

AMADC: What advice do you have for up-and-coming marketers in your field?
SH: Focus, focus, focus. Figure out what you really want and go for it. Be super clear about what that is. Then write it all down. Rewrite, edit, and write it again.