Jennifer Adach

Jennifer Adach Assistant Director of Marketing American Academy of Actuaries

Jennifer has been doing marketing in one form or another for most of her career. She has worked mostly in the nonprofit world—currently, for an association—but she also worked briefly in community relations for a grocery chain. Often the first in her position, she enjoys the chance to build and strengthen her organization’s marketing approach.

AMADC: What attracted you to the marketing profession? What keeps you inspired? JA: Marketing keeps changing. When I started, no one had heard of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and now they are integral parts of any marketing plan. It is a profession that allows you to keep learning and growing—and that keeps me inspired.

AMADC: How long have you been a mentor with the Marketing Mentors Network? JA: This was my first time as a mentor. It was a fantastic experience.

AMADC: What made you decide to join the Marketing Mentors Network? JA: I started as a protégé, and found great value in the experience. When the call went out for mentors, I seized the opportunity.

AMADC: What have you learned from your time in the program? JA: Oh — quite a bit! There’s an amazing group of people in this program, and everyone has something to contribute.

AMADC: What was your favorite part of being a mentor? JA: I enjoyed the one-on-one meetings. My protégé was excellent at scheduling the meetings, and it was great to have that time together to discuss challenges and potential solutions.

AMADC: What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor? JA: Just do it. We all have so much to give, and it is a fantastic experience. When AMADC calls, answer!

AMADC: What advice do you have for up-and-coming marketers in your field? JA: Trust your instincts. Keep being curious and learning. And don’t let the perfect get in way of the good—sometimes it is worth trying something different to see if you get positive results.