October has long been one of my favorite months of the year. And while there are many reasons to love October (fall festivals, baseball playoffs, Halloween . . . just to name a few), there is one particular fall event date I want every AMADC member to lockdown on their calendar: Our annual “All Member Meeting,” taking place on October 23rd! Now in its third year, AMADC’s All Member Meeting is our opportunity to come together as a chapter to share exciting updates and celebrate all that we represent as One AMA brand and marketing community. 

This year we’re focused on the AMADC Member Journey and invite you to explore your own personal journey with us. It’ll be an interactive evening of information sharing and, of course, networking. Learn how you can personalize your journey as an AMADC member and discover local and national member benefits that are tailored to YOUR needs—regardless of where you are in your career.  Our board will also be giving you the inside scoop on some exciting new programs, plus a sneak peek into AMA’s national re-branding and how we’re planning to roll it out locally. We’ll even share how you can be an ongoing part of the celebration.

While focusing on trying to create opportunities and experiences that enrich the value of your membership is nothing new for the AMADC Board, this year we have applied a new school of thought to our approach. In September, our Board came together for a half-day strategic planning retreat. In preparation for the meeting, our executive committee sought out the expertise of Customer Experience professionals through the local chapter of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA).  As a Board we then stepped into the shoes of “Robert,” a mid-level career marketer, and walked through his perceived member experience—identifying many decision factors and pain points along the way. The exercise was very helpful in challenging our current approach to programming, member benefits and communications, among other touchpoints. We plan to continue to explore these initial findings to apply them towards both immediate short and long-term opportunities for AMADC, and further expand our approach across additional personas throughout the year. 

Our goal as an organization is to put the member at the heart of everything we do and celebrate AMADC for what it truly is: One Community! I’m excited about everything we are achieving as a chapter and I look forward to sharing it with you on the 23rd.