AMADC Global Diversity

Every October, Global Diversity Awareness Month is a reminder of the positive impact a diverse culture of people can have on society as a whole. The month’s focus is an opportunity to highlight AMADC’s own commitment to diversity.

Our guiding principles are to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization as one AMA. Long overdue and admittedly still much to learn, we have taken steps toward delivering on this principle. In 2019 a diversity expert participated on our advisory council (now merged with the Board of Directors)  helped us to better understand our biases and to overcome them; we hosted a dedicated training for the Marketing Mentors Network. Earlier this year in response to the social unrest, our commitment gained momentum. AMADC collaborated with other local creative organizations AAF DC and APA DC and media publisher Capitol Communicator to bring our respective communities in community forums to have open conversations these issues in our industry and what steps we can take to resolve. We have collaborated closely with the AMA chapter leadership in driving change at the national level and adopted the AMA Chapter Pledge. We created our first DEI plan that has been incorporated into AMADC’s 2020-2021 strategic plan:

2020-2021 DEI Plan

Our objective is to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) marketing community in Washington, DC  Metro.

The goals we have established for this year include:

  1. Develop a DEI voice and presence in the  AMADC chapter board by January 1, 2021 
  2. Increase  awareness and education about  DEI in AMADC  membership by  June 30, 2021 
  3. Activate relevant activation of DEI efforts within the  local creative community by June 30, 2021 

To ensure we would be able to implement these goals, we formed a committee of dedicated marketers. These volunteers not only contribute towards a more representative view of our approach but also ensure we have the support and resources to carry out our commitment.

DEI Team

Jen AdachJen Adach
Jen is an enthusiastic and skilled communications and marketing professional with experience in media relations, network communications, social media, graphic design and publication management, and marketing. In addition to her day job, she's an active leader in Washington, D.C.'s outdoor community and is a member of the Associate Board for the City Kids Wilderness Project. 

“I joined AMADC’s DEI Committee to help amplify and support our mission to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive marketing community in the Washington, D.C. area.”




Vanessa CorreaVanessa Correa
Vanessa is a branding and marketing maven who holds a Masters in Publishing from NYU and loves living in the DC area (since 2014). Born in the Bronx, both of her parents were born in Puerto Rico--an island made rich in many ways primarily due to the vast diversity of people groups who have traversed the island during its long history.

"I joined the DEI Committee to help AMA DC reach its DEI goals in a strategic and tangible way." 





David HazeltonDavid Hazelton
David's professional experience includes design, branding, and marketing. Having worked in both boutique agencies and in-house marketing departments, David builds brand standards to create consistency and help brands speak with one voice. David is also an adjunct instructor at West Virginia University where he teaches graduate courses in integrated marketing communications.

"As a marketer, designer, and member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to do my part to ensure everyone in our industry feels valued and included." 





Angela LongAngela Long
Angela is a strategic marketer with a passion for creating brands that connect with customers and that uniquely position organizations in the marketplace to drive growth. She has deep experience in creating digital and integrated marketing and engagement campaigns in industries that include healthcare, biotechnology, automotive, consumer goods and non-profit. 

"I am excited to be furthering AMADC's commitment to a diverse community in DC Metro. As the professional association for marketers, I feel that it is not only an opportunity for AMADC to play a role, but it is also our responsiblity." 



Veronica PurvisVeronica Purvis
Veronica is an award-winning, brand leader, speaker, and author with decades of experience running advertising, branding, communications, and marketing programs as well as leading staff and driving missions within associations and non-profits.  

"I'm a native Washingtonian, and a proud member of AMA and the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) committee because I want to bring my personal and professional experiences together with other dedicated colleagues to move DEI efforts forward, toward a more respectful and inclusive marketing industry, workplace, and society."  



The committee is grateful to have DEI Strategist Andrea Payne to provide additional guidance and support.

Andrea PayneAndrea Payne
I have a unique background as a passionate DEI Strategist, Community Leader and Activist.   I have worked with SHRM at the National and Chapter levels to drive their DEI strategy.  I was invited to advance the AMADC’s DEI mission and to execute AMA National’s strategies & practices.

"My goal is to promote and cultivate an environment where everyone at AMADC thrives, feels included and welcome.  I am excited to work with you."




We are still at the very beginning stages of our journey. We will be communicating our activities in AMADC emails and on our website. 

We welcome you to join us!