New Member News – meet Tapleigh Niethamer, one of our new AMADC members!

Tapleigh Niethamer

New Member News

Tapleigh Niethamer
Owner, Tappedin Marketing


What is your job title and company name? 
Owner, Tappedin Marketing 

At a high level, what are your responsibilities? 
My primary focus as the Owner and Strategic Marketing Consultant for Tappedin Marketing is identifying a better way to connect with customers. Whether this be through strategic planning, message and campaign planning, product launch or driving engagement with a targeted audience. Once this crucial connection has been established with your customer base, establishing trust and creating value are the essential next steps that Tappedin Marketing takes to continue the conversation – spanning from thought leadership influencing or systemic outreach management.

What excites you about marketing? 
Helping organizations think deeply about their unique purpose, create compelling content, and proliferate innovation and knowledge in a positive way. Marketing helps connect organizations but most importantly it helps connect people. My hope is that through thoughtful communications we are creating lasting, authentic connections with customers to help businesses achieve more.

Is there a current trend or topic you’d recommend that other marketers look into? 
Partnerships. Partnerships, and alliance partner marketing, have been established for some time but we’ve hit a critical moment where customers are *demanding* collaboration, co-creation and integration – particularly now that digital engagement is in the fast lane for most, if not all, industries.

What’s your favorite part about marketing? 
Connecting people! I love helping others in all aspects of life and marketing came as a natural fit in my professional career. Much of my experience has been in the technology industry and through this I have been able to share new ideas and breakthrough innovations that transform the lives of so many customers – it’s truly amazing.

What projects/accomplishments are you especially proud of? 
I am most proud of the moments where I see a plan come to life. Each time I work on a marketing or communications plan, I feel that “fire in my belly” to make it the best it can be and approach the project (big or small) with a holistic view. I am grateful to have directly impacted so many lives; from large cities across the world implementing sustainable, energy-efficient technologies for millions of citizens to rural farmers trying to manage water and irrigation for their crops.

Who are you as a whole person (not just a marketer)?
I am a wife to an amazing husband, a mom to two smart and beautiful daughters, a loyal friend and supportive member of my community. I also love being active! You will see me out for a run, playing tennis or soccer or just walking/biking into town with my daughters.

What do you like to do for fun? 
One of my top joys of life is going for a run and exploring a new area I have never been to before – it’s even better if I get lost along the way! All I need are my sneakers and a good podcast.

What do you value? 
Authenticity and respect. Being truthful to who you are as a person is the first step in really understanding yourself, finding compassion and helping others to do the same.

Why did you join AMADC? 
To continue to learn from others. AMADC is a wealth of information on the latest marketing trends or showcasing inventive ideas from local marketers in solving problems. The success I have seen from other businesses is humbling and I very much appreciate the knowledge sharing within the AMADC community.

What are you hoping to get out of your membership? 
Opportunities to participate in forums, knowledge transfer sessions and marketing resources. As a new, woman-owned business it will be incredibly useful to lean on some of the various peer groups and materials in building my business over the coming years.