New Member News – meet Senna Bayasgalan, one of our new AMADC members!

New Member News - Senna Bayasgalan


New Member News – Senna Bayasgalan


What are your job title and company name? 
I’m a Senior Marketing Manager at Cordia, a professional services firm that provides outsourced accounting, technology consulting, and recruiting and staffing services.


At a high level, what are your responsibilities?
I develop marketing campaigns to generate leads and increase brand awareness, collaborate with the sales team on positioning our services, create and optimize paid ads, review data and performance metrics, and create relevant content. 

As a manager, it’s important to me to lead by example and create a work environment that’s safe to be human and build a culture of openness. I made it my priority to check in with each of my team members regularly. The process I implemented helps our team offer support to each other and exchange feedback as well as making sure we’re connecting on a human level in the current remote environment. 


What excites you about marketing? 
I love that marketing is always evolving and never boring. What worked today may not work tomorrow. Consumers and clients are functioning in the age of efficiency. As marketers enter this age, we must find ways to be useful to our customers versus just sell something.  


Is there a current trend or topic you’d recommend that other marketers look into?
We’re exploring the use of video content and storytelling. We’re living in an overcommunicated society. By using the power of good visuals and authentic, simple positioning messages, you can help your prospects to shift their perception. Aside from the big names like Nike and Apple, Southwest Airlines does this very well. Southwest positions itself from its competitors as the low-fare and high-frequency carrier that is fun to fly. 


What’s your favorite part about marketing?
Storytelling. I feel so lucky that my job is to tell meaningful stories to form, enhance, or change perception. 


What projects/accomplishments are you especially proud of?
Marketing a brand “inside out.” At the end of the project, you could walk up to the most random employee who wasn’t in the marketing team and ask what the brand stood for, what our message was, or why we do what we do, and they could give you the why, what, and how. 

This made marketing the brand to the outside world so much easier because everyone who worked there was advocating for the brand. When you increase employee engagement by aligning everyone around common goals, improving company culture, and fostering brand advocacy through clear and relevant positioning messages, it pays off. 

This was before the pandemic and movements against social injustice, but I think “inside out” marketing is more critical now than ever. Employees are your “internal customers.” Investing in surveying your employees, improving communication to keep them “in the know,” and sharing messages that keep employees informed, productive, and safe is more important than ever. 


Who are you as a whole person (and not just a marketer)? 
I’m a big advocate of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. I’ve moved 34 times across 5 different countries throughout my life. I wasn’t “Mongolian enough” when I lived in my home country, and I’ve been “too foreign” when I lived outside of it. I know how it feels to not belong anywhere. I plan to do my part and use my work to make a difference to others who are feeling the same way. 


What do you like to do for fun?
I love spending time with the people I love. I’m a dog mom, so I spend a lot of time outdoors with my 2 dogs. They came to the US with me from South Korea.   


What do you value? 
Relationships, curiosity, creativity, compassion, courage, and perseverance. 


Why did you join AMADC? 
I joined AMADC to network and learn from trailblazing marketers in the area. You have to join the best to find the best, right? 


What are you hoping to get out of your membership? 
I really enjoy all the valuable content and training that AMA provides. On top of more industry insights, knowledge, and events, I hope to get involved with the organization and offer my skills to help grow it.