Happy New Year!

As we embark on a new journey filled with opportunities and growth, we at the AMADC’s DEI Committee extend warm wishes for a successful and inspiring year ahead.

Last October, I wrote about our board plans for the 23-24 term as VP of DEI. Since then, we have a small number of volunteers helping with strategizing and and executing content to support marketers with a DEI lens. Special thanks to DEI Committee Volunteer, Natalie Thomas and the AMADC marketing team. We hope you’re following our social media channels to utilize the resources but in case you missed it, here are some highlights.

What’s Coming Up

  • January: AMADC DEI member highlight video on social media
  • Thursday, February 15: Virtual Panel Discussion: What else can AMADC do to foster diversity and inclusion?
  • March: AMADC DEI member highlight video

In the spirit of embracing diversity and cultural awareness, we encourage you to commemorate Korean American Day on January 13th. This day serves as an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Korean Americans to our society. To gain valuable insights into the Asian market and its nuances, we recommend watching a clip from the presentation Best in Class Asian Marketing at the 2023 Asian Marketing Summit by Howard Lichtman, 3AF Vice President and Co-Founder of Ethnicity Matters.

If you have any questions about any of our DEI initiatives, please contact our VP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Veronica Purvis at vthpurvis@gmail.com.