Holli Beckman, VP Marketing and Leasing Operations, WC Smith

Holli Beckman

Holli Beckman
VP Marketing and Leasing Operations
WC Smith

Holli Beckman is one of those marketers you want on your team. Not only does she have a solid digital marketing toolset to tap into, but she is a strong supporter of brand and an “always ready” team player.

Tell us about your professional background.

I have ten years of marketing experience specifically for the multifamily real estate industry.  My passion lies in the strategic planning of campaigns and in dissecting the customer journey.  I recently led a push to get the industry CRM software for the property management industry to develop multi-attribution reporting.  It was something our industry was missing. Lack of this data was holding back a lot of companies from making truly informed decisions about their marketing and advertising spends. After writing and speaking about the topic and gaining support from industry peers, I worked with the software companies to create the reporting.

What attracted you to marketing? What keeps you inspired?

Marketing at its core is just the act of changing a buyer’s behavior.  It’s a puzzle and all about strategy.  The problem solver in me loves that constant challenge.  In recent years, we have been gaining so much more insight and data into what the buyer’s journey looks like, and that information is pushing me to change the way we approach our marketing.  

How long have you been a mentor in the Marketing Mentors Network?

Four years.


What made you decide to join the Marketing Mentors Network?

I was looking for a way to get more involved with AMADC.  The Marketing Mentors Network seemed like the perfect opportunityto not only give back, but also to network.

Early on in my career, my company did not have a marketing department.  I had no one to look to for guidance or to bounce thoughts off of.  I recognized that might be the case for a lot of marketers.  The mentor program provides that space to brainstorm or geek out with someone who understands your passion.


What (if anything) have you learned from your time in the Marketing Mentors Network?

I am inspired by the energy and ambition of the protégés in the program and find myself learning just as much as I’m {hopefully} inspiring others.


What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor?

Being a mentor is hands down the most rewarding volunteer work I’ve done.  You can see the results and growth throughout the six months as your protégé developsand accomplishes their goals.  You know and see that you contributed to someone else’s success.


What advice do you have for up-and-coming marketers?

Find a peer that challenges you and reads data in a completely different way than you.  You will gain different perspectives and learn how to defend your conclusions.