Jim Marks, Sr. Market Research Manager, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Jim Marks
Sr. Market Research Manager
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan

Jim has been doing market research for 20 years, working in direct response fundraising and entertainment before his current role in health care and health insurance. This has given him in-depth experience in everything from predictive analytics and big data, to pricing and merchandising, and to usability and user-experience innovation.


What attracted you to the marketing profession? What keeps you inspired?   

Three things:

  1. A relentless focus on people: What are they thinking? What are they doing?
  2. An endless supply of puzzles: What happens if something changes? How will people make sense of that?
  3. The opportunity to make practical improvements in people’s lives: Translating understanding into action.


How long have you been an AMADC Mentor?    

Two years. It’s been a fantastic experience.


What made you decide to join the AMADC Mentor Program? 

I saw a chance to help others, and to learn from them, too. It was a chance to make a positive impact on someone else’s professional life as well.


What have you learned from your time in the Mentor Program?         

People are smart, generous and resourceful. It is fun to see less-experienced marketers expand their skill sets and grow professionally.


What is your favorite part of being an AMADC Mentor?          

Sharing what I’ve learned throughout my career, and seeing things from someone else’s fresh perspective.


What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor?

Go for it! You’ll be glad you did.


What advice do you have for up-and-coming members of your field?

Enjoy the journey as well as the rewards. The various disciplines of marketing are constantly evolving, and new opportunities to learn and grow are emerging every day.