The Marketing Mentor Network is AMADC’s signature mentor program. It attracts some amazing marketers and we try to get time on their busy schedules to talk to them and find out more about who they are and what motivates them to mentor. Meet AMADC member Monica Malave, Marketing Strategist and CEO of Elevate It Now.

Monica Malave

Monica Malave
Marketing Strategist and CEO
Elevate It Now


Tell us about your professional background. How long have you been in the marketing industry? What experience do you have and what is your area of expertise (something unique to you)? Is there anything that you are celebrating/milestones that you want to share?

My marketing life began 31 years ago as a customer service rep. I learned everything that I could and climbed the corporate marketing ladder and was the VP/CMO of several credit unions in the Washington, DC area and Fl. I took a small detour into mortgage lending in 2009 which brought me back to marketing as I tested social media marketing to educate my audience about mortgages and establish relationships with the real estate agents. In 2014, exactly six years ago today, I established my Marketing Agency as I realized that I could better service the real estate community with marketing solutions and not my mortgages. I love all things marketing – it was what I was born to do but if you were to ask me where my level of expertise lies  – I would tell you strategy, branding and social media marketing.

What attracted you to the marketing profession? What keeps you inspired?

The challenge of finding ways to educate an audience that brings results. Finding better ways to get messages across for the betterment of an organization and it’s goals. Marketing is always evolving and there is always something new to learn and pass on to your clients and community. 

How long have you been a mentor with the Marketing Mentors Network?

This is my first year.

What made you decide to join the Marketing Mentors Network?

I have so much knowledge to share and wanted to pass that along to our future marketers as well as learn from them. Their challenges today – are they still the same as they were for us? When I started in my marketing journey, it was difficult to find the information you needed to move forward or someone who knew marketing well enough to be able to teach it. I want to share all this knowledge with others who love marketing as much as I do. Real life experience from an educated marketer who wants to see others succeed.  

What (if anything) have you learned from your time in the program?

Patience and humbleness. Not every marketer is at the same level of expertise and not everyone learns at the same pace. Not everyone’s journey is the same.

What is your favorite part about being a mentor?  

Being a resource to my protégé. Being available and helping her through her challenges and sharing her success. 

What would you say to others considering becoming a mentor?

If you’re an expert in marketing – do it! There is nothing more rewarding than being there for someone who wants to learn what you know. 

What advice do you have for up-and-coming marketers in your field?

There are so many areas of expertise in Marketing that if you truly love marketing – test them all and find the one that makes your heart beat the fastest. 

Other thoughts/comments you want to add?

Never be afraid that an idea or thought that you have is not important or worth mentioning and sharing. All ideas, thoughts and comments are worth having a conversation over. It may lead to bigger things and if it doesn’t – you will be remembered as the “idea” person.

Any final thoughts to share?

Test with passion because we all know that testing is the name of the game in Marketing. What worked yesterday may not work today. Educate yourself daily so that you are a resource to your clients, co-workers and superiors and even the world. 

Learn more about Monica and Elevate it Now here.