The 2016-2017 session of the AMADC Mentor Program is going strong!

By: Angela Long

The 2016-2017 session of the AMADC Mentor Program is going strong! The current session, which was revamped this year, just passed the mid-point and current participants are liking the new model. The prior program had all the key elements for an impactful experience, but the new model has taken mentoring to the next level. In addition to a longer program duration, the program is built on:

  • Structure with flexibility (a necessity with DC traffic!)
  • Ongoing support via email communications and a dedicated LinkedIn group
  • Interactive professional development and networking for both mentors and protégés

To see if the new program model is on track, participants were recently surveyed for feedback on their experience. Wendy Price, president of WHP Research, Inc, an independent research firm, designed the research and analyzed the findings for the program. Most of the mentors and protégés rate the program excellent or very good (82%), with almost half of the protégés (47%) giving the program excellent ratings! The protégés explain:

“It’s definitely the most useful professional development program Ive ever participated in.”

Everyone in the program is engaged and excited to be there.  Everyone is willing to help or teach others and share their knowledge.”

The updated program model was developed based on mentoring best practices, past surveys, and learnings from other AMA chapters. But what really matters is the participant experience. The mid-point survey indicates that AMADC is on track to meet the goals of the program. All protégés said the program meets or exceeds their expectations for professional development and networking opportunities.

“I like the program in the way that it supports my professional growth. This includes the opportunity for professional development and networking. I have a chance to learn and develop myself. I also like the flexibility of the program and how my mentor takes time to meet with me. I see this as a community where we share and support each other.

Mentors also feel that the program is meeting their goals as it relates to professional development and networking.

“I am learning a great deal this time around. The program is meaningful to both protégées and mentors. The planning is well-organized, excellent content, and helpful support and guidance.

Although the program was built on a solid foundation of research and insights, nothing compares to the actual implementation. It is exhilarating to learn that almost nine out of ten participants (mentors and protégés) find the program to be a valuable use of their time, that they like the new format and are receiving the support they need.

“The program leaders have created a very dynamic series of workshops and speakers.” (Mentor)

“I’ve enjoyed the workshops, and find my mentor to be incredibly helpful in providing feedback and advice.” (Protégé)

In addition to the program kick-off in October 2016, there have been two other program events. The November event had everyone understanding their top strengths with the Gallup StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment and another event in January focused on the program mentors who shared their marketing expertise in a round table format. Next up is an interactive workshop on March 28 on networking strategies and a final event on June 12 that wraps up the 2016-2017 session. This “Past, Present and Future” event will include speed networking and a social hour to which all past mentors and protégés as well as anyone, — including AMADC members and non-members — are welcome to attend. Registration will be open early April.

The Mentor Program aligns with the AMADC’s goal to “provide outstanding local education and career resources and programs, and is a gateway for connecting marketers throughout the region.” It is definitely filling a need: According to Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise in their 2017 book The 12 Powers of Marketing, Marketing is among the lowest spenders when it comes to training. Finance, HR, Operations and other functions are investing significantly more to ‘up’ their peoples skills.  


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