Senior Associate Dean, MBA Programs
Georgetown University

Prashant Malaviya

All roads lead to marketing, and Prashant Malaviya, Senior Associate Dean, MBA Programs for Georgetown University, knows this best. After serving as an engineer for a Tata Motors and a marketing analyst at Nestle, Prashant Malaviya decided he wanted more out of his career. While working towards his M.B.A., Malaviya looked at different options for his career, but was inevitably led back to marketing. He developed a passion for researching the theories of marketing, which turned him towards a career in academia. “I enjoy the human side of business, and I find marketing to be more exciting, colorful, and creative than other business disciplines,” said Malaviya.

He went on to complete his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, and after relocating he continued his membership and joined the AMADC chapter to stay connected to the dynamic and evolving nature of the marketing industry within the Washington metropolitan area. As a current member of the association, Malaviya regularly attends AMA conferences. “Attending conferences is a great way to network, meet with friends, and move projects faster,” he states. 

Upon completing his Ph.D., Prashant Malaviya held an appointment at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and visiting professorships at the Kellogg School of Management, INSEAD in France, ALBA Graduate Business School in Athens, Greece, and Wharton School of Business. He regularly conducts research and contributes to leading marketing journals including the Journal of Consumer Psychology and the Journal of Consumer Research, for which he is noted as an Outstanding Reviewer. Recently, Malaviya contributed to an article which was featured in Bloomberg that focused on consumer psychology.

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