Jonya Samuel

Meet Jonya Samuel

Property Administrator, PM Realty Group

Jonya Samuel, Property Administrator for PM Realty Group, learned about AMADC by word-of-mouth while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing at Bowie State University. “My school recommended that all Marketing majors become a member of AMA, as the association would offer us a way to not only volunteer, but to also serves as a way to foster a career,” Jonya explains. “Specifically, I was also looking to gain access to the association’s job bank, take part as a mentor in AMADC’s Marketers Helping Marketers Mentor program, and to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in marketing,” adds Jonya.

In her current position, Jonya serves as a liaison between property management professionals and tenants. She is also responsible for managing budgets, drafting RFPs, processing and renewing contracts, and other back-end marketing duties.


Words of Wisdom:

“Take advantage of all of the benefits such as the networkers and the association sponsored job board, that will help your career in the long run. AMADC offers resources that are vital to supporting a career, and the relationships that you can make are invaluable.”