Member Spotlight: Meet Andreea Candela

Meet Andreea Candela

Senior Specialist, Communications & Marketing, American College of Cardiology

You’re moving to a new city and you need to build your professional network within the area, but you’re not sure how to do it? Andreea Candela, Senior Specialist, Communications & Marketing at the American College of Cardiology, has faced this challenge many times. Andreea’s marketing career began in Europe before leading her to New York, Boston and Washington D.C., which eventually led to her decision to join and volunteer with AMADC. “I have always valued networking and exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals, but I know how hard it is to start from zero when moving to a new city,” says Andreea. “What I love the most about volunteering with AMADC, besides meeting amazing people and building great friendships, is the fact that the experience and skills acquired through AMADC are transferable to the real business world. Everyone that I have met through AMADC is working so hard to make this association what it is today. They treat it as a regular job and not as a ‘will do it if I’m in the mood for it’ kind of thing,” Andreea explains. Through volunteering, Andreea gained the opportunity to serve as the eNewsletter Director for past two-plus years, where she worked to streamline the content and grow readership for the AMADC monthly newsletter: DC Marketer. Aside from managing the DC Marketer, Andreea has been an active participant in the AMADC rebrand process and led the launch of the refreshed DC Marketer newsletter in March of this year.

Andreea has studied in four countries, earning an M.B.A. in Marketing from Adelphi University, and a master of arts in American Studies and a bachelor of arts in Economics and Marketing from Babes-Bolyai University. In her current position at the American College of Cardiology, Andreea writes articles for healthcare publications and newsletters, creates and manages communications and marketing plans for several cardiovascular tools and clinical apps, and builds and implements communications and marketing tactics around roundtable meetings where experts discuss groundbreaking treatments for improving cardiovascular care around the world. Prior to this, Andreea worked at TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, where she managed the content of the website. Before that, she worked in New York, building marketing campaigns for a financial services company.


Words of Wisdom:

“Joining and volunteering with AMADC is an investment in your human capital! Not only does it help you get the resources you need to advance in your career, but it also helps you meet amazing people and build long-term friendships.”

Sometimes it is difficult to identify all of the factors that lead one to make a decision. Andreea encountered a number of factors that ultimately led her to unique experiences and opportunities with AMADC. Take your first step by choosing a committee to volunteer with.