Twitter is a proven tool that drives traffic and increases sales. For example, Edmunds reports that over $700 million in car sales are accredited to marketing efforts through Twitter. With the ability to stream live to Twitter followers, apps like Periscope and Meerkat are becoming vital platforms for marketers seeking to increase unique genuine social engagement. The new wave of live streaming apps undoubtedly provides another tool for marketers to harvest brand loyalty.

What’s the big deal?

Granted, other apps like Facetime, Skype, and Google Hangouts offer live streaming services. However, there are certain elements of Periscope and Meerkat that invite casual user friendly interaction. The interface designs are thought through with the user in mind. Notably, the text feed does not dominate the screen allowing the focus to be the streaming broadcast. The initial setup is effortless. Users are not inconvenienced with the daunting task of sending special request to join, email registrations, nor have to wait for replies. There are two words that best explain the experience which are “instant” and “feedback.”




How does it work?

WIth two taps of a finger you are logged in and ready to broadcast. When started, the stream is viewed in fullscreen mode on your mobile device. Users have the ability to post comments simultaneously while broadcasters respond verbally or physically in real-time. The apps are also equipped with notification alerts. The alerts could be used as an element of surprise. Imagine receiving an alert from your favorite brand with a giveaway.

Furthermore, product development teams desiring feedback on concepts will use the apps to gain insight. Television producers may request ideas for upcoming show ideas with fans.


Live Streaming - Broadcast


The following are a few scenarios of how marketers could take advantage of live streaming.

– Fashion boutiques with leftover inventory could host clearance broadcasts. They could serve as a Q and A sessions about garments. Introducing new arrivals could increase traffic.

– Restaurant chefs and bartenders could have the luxury of explaining specials or showcasing their skills while answering questions about ingredients. Owners of food trucks could build strong relationships with customers through updates about locations and daily specials.


Meerkat Feed

– Recording artists could share samples of upcoming songs with the intentions of increasing anticipation about album releases. Another option would be hosting a forum where they can explain behind-the-scenes info about the creative process.

– Live streaming is a great tool for software and web developers to host tutorials. The complexities of programs are easier to master with hands-on guidance. This is a great way to emphasize special features of a product.

– Personal trainers could demonstrate techniques. Tips on dieting and equipment usage could be offered for a free trial period. Free promos could help when building an independent brand.


Marketing is undoubtedly a social and digital industry. Live streaming apps are fairly new tools and will increasingly become a necessity in order to remain relevant. Be sure to follow AMADC’s Twitter page for upcoming live streaming events.