Happy February!

Happy February! 

Last week was Groundhog Day. While I was hoping for a forecast of early spring, the most media-savvy of the weather-predicting groundhogs—Punxsutawney Phil—did in fact see his shadow.

Whether or not you believe in Phil’s mythical prediction abilities, this is the time of year when many look forward to the next season—or next quarter—to the end of winter, to the next opportunity, and to getting out of a rut.

Bill Murray’s movie Groundhog Day followed Phil Connors, a frustrated weatherman, as he repeated February 2nd over and over again. As Phil repeated Groundhog Day again and again, he became more and more miserable.

Finally, he decided to take control. He began to change his routine—and his behaviors! He spoke up. He became bold. He took risks. The more changes he made in his day, the more he learned. Eventually, he had his desired outcome: a perfect day.

In business and in life, it can sometimes feel like we’re living our own version of Phil’s nightmare—Groundhog Day!—repeating our days over and over again. Often, while we hope for different outcomes, we don’t make the changes or take the risks necessary to see those altered results!

This past month, the AMADC Board of Directors came together for a mid-year review to assess where we are and where we want to go in the next few months as we approach the end of our fiscal year (June 30). The goal of our time together was to focus on our operations and on the experience we are providing to our members. We don’t want to get stuck in a rut or to do things because “that’s how they have always been done.” We want to make sure we’re continuing to fulfill our mission of fueling our members with a passion for marketing, a spirit of innovation, and the pursuit of knowledge, career excellence and success. We want to make sure we are engaging our members and providing value.

As you think about the changes you might need to make professionally to help create more perfect outcomes and results, I encourage you to use the resources available to you within the American Marketing Association. Between networking opportunities, live events, webinars, conferences and on-line toolkits, AMA provides its members with resources to help you expand your knowledge, build your marketing skillset, and to do your job more efficiently and effectively!

Please reach out directly to me or other members of the board if would like to get more involved with AMADC and if you have thoughts and ideas for how we can provide YOU with the best possible experience while helping you along your personal marketing journey!