As the end of the year quickly approaches, December is filled with a flurry of activity and extra pressure to accomplish the never-ending to-do lists before the New Year begins. One of the things that helps keep me and my family grounded during this time of the year is giving back and helping others.

I carry this mindset into my role at AMADC and into my job as well. As the Chief Marketing Officer at OTM Partners, an agency specialized in the development and communication of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, I believe in the importance of being a responsible corporate citizen—focused on people, planet, purpose as well as profit.  When successfully done, this mindset becomes part of the DNA of an organization and the guiding principle for overall strategic decision-making. This is especially true at Honest Tea, a Bethesda-based beverage company that AMADC is featuring next week at our Masters of Marketing Series.

On December 5th, we’ll have the chance to learn from and be inspired by Seth Goldman, co-founder and “TeaEO” of Honest Tea.  As a mission based Fair Trade Certified company, they strive to grow their business with the same honesty and integrity they use to craft their products: with sustainability and great taste for all.

This evening program follows two other recent AMADC events that were focused on giving back to the community and the larger world around us. This week, we were a sponsor of the Bates Creative Merry Mail Social. We put our crafting skills to the test as we created holiday cards that will be sent to Operation Gratitude, Cards for Hospitalized Kids, and Sunrise Senior Living facilities.

Our November How-To lunch was also focused on making a tangible difference. We discussed the importance of cause alignment and transparency in integrating meaningful CSR initiatives into our businesses. And, while the Gigawatt Group walked us through inspiring case studies, we packed enough meals to feed 1,000 people with the local nonprofit Stop Hunger Now. As we worked together assembling food kits, I was reminded once again of how great it feels to make a difference—and how little time it requires.

This year, rather than rushing through December, I encourage you to pause. Reflect on your accomplishments. Celebrate the successes and embrace the bumps in the road. And in the process, make time to think about the causes that align with your core values and how you could give back—or pay it forward—to your community in some way.

Happy Holidays and Happy Giving!