AMADC President, Regan Lamb

What lazy days of summer?

It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s most definitely August! While school is out and traffic is lighter, life inside and around the beltway continues to move at a rapid pace. What ever happened to the lazy days of summer?

There’s so much going on in the Washington, D.C. area and in our world in general. The presidential campaign is heating up. Olympic athletes all over the world are preparing for one of the most important events in their lives. Pokémon Go continues to take the world by storm, breaking download records and attracting new press coverage (but for how long?). And, despite all the noise and clutter swirling around us, the Washington, D.C. marketing community marches on.

This past month, for example, our AMADC Board of Directors has been working feverishly to ensure a successful 2016–2017 year for all of our members. During a half-day retreat, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in as a group to assess, organize, plan, budget, and collaborate for the year ahead. While some objectives and tactics have changed, our goal remains largely the same: to provide you (our members) with a year that is engaging, fun, informative, and filled with live events that will complement and elevate your AMA experience. And, I believe we’re uniquely positioned to ensure success in the coming year because of the hard work and planning that our dedicated volunteers have been pouring into the organization.

Speaking of involvement, if you’re interested in giving back, increasing your engagement level or boosting your visibility within our local marketing community, we’d love to speak with you. Grab one of our board members at an upcoming event (which I’ve highlighted below) to learn more about opportunities within our chapter. We’re always looking for new committee members to help us deliver on our goals.

August 16: Brush up on your elevator speech and bring your business cards. This month’s networker takes us to one of the hottest new spots in D.C.: Ivy City SmokeHouse

August 25: AMADC’s Immediate Past President is coming back to deliver an interactive workshop that will show you how to discover key differentiation points you can use to craft a personal—and authentic—brand statement.

Finally, while it may not be in our nature as marketers, or beltway citizens in general, I hope that each of you will pause for a moment to experience and appreciate at least a few lazy days of summer…to spend time with your family and friends…to answer the call of the ice cream truck!

Happy August!

Regan Lamb