I am pleased to announce the results of our 2018-19 Board of Directors election: our voting members confirmed 14 very talented individuals who will continue to lead our Chapter into the next fiscal year. The AMADC Board is made up of a diverse group of professionals who all lend their time, creativity and expertise to providing programming, communications and benefits that enrich your membership experience. Please join me in congratulating each board member the next time you see them.

Board Member Professional Role AMADC Member Status
Stephanie Sikorski Vice President, NACS Member since 2010
Debbie Bates-Schrott CEO, Bates Creative Member since 2001
Mike Gardner EVP, Gigawatt Group Member since 2008
Michael Spinosa CEO Unleashed Technology Member since 2017
Justin Schauble Executive Producer, New District Media, LLC Member since 2014
Katie Reed Marketing Manager, Acuity Inc. Member since 2013
Laura Genovese Education Program Manager, NACS Member since 2017
Chris Ewing CEO, Hungry Media Member since 2015
Angela Long Mid-Atlantic Marketing Manager, Womble Bond Dickson Member since 2015
Mark DeVito President, Bates Creative Member since 2015
Stephanie Stevens Sr. Market Research Manager, Magellan Health Member since 2014
Chris Hagood Analytics Consultant, Gallup Inc. Member since 2016
Brent Hayhurst Sr. Manager, Hilton Member since 2009


It’s also important to note that we are still accepting open nominations for still-available Board positions remains active. We’re looking across our membership and the DC marketing community for professionals—like you—to fill key leadership roles, for a one-year term, beginning July 1, 2018. Roles that are open for consideration to the general AMADC membership are: President-Elect, Vice President: Volunteer Engagement, and Vice President: CMO Leadership Circle. Fill out a nomination form and read more about the roles and their associated responsibilities here. (There are also several Assistant VP positions available, too.) Contact Beth, VP of Volunteer Engagement, at Beth.Dailey@amadc.org for more information regarding open positions.