Why UFOs are now UAPs: Explore One Of the Government’s Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

Why UFOs are now UAPs: Explore One Of the Government’s Most Successful Marketing Campaigns

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Our government’s carefully crafted campaign to attach the crazy stigma to UFO sightings has been one of their most successful marketing campaigns.

Barry Roth, author of A Brief History of Ufology, analyzes the government’s longtime plan to discourage UFO/UAP reporting, with a simple yet brilliant military campaign that stigmatized anyone who stepped forward as crazy.

Why was this campaign so effective and why was the media so complicit? Join AMADC to learn more. The truth is not only out there – it’s here.

The winner of the ufology trivia contest receives a free copy of Barry's book, A Brief History of Ufology.


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About the Speaker
Barry Roth

Barry Roth has been interested in the subject of unidentified flying objects since he was fifteen years old. He read about an incident that had occurred off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, in which a large disc-shaped object had flown rapidly towards a military transport plane, changing colors upon its approach. Since then he has been a passionate researcher and has read hundreds of books on unexplained aerial phenomena and related subject matter.

Barry joined the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) in 1999. He became a board member of the Colorado chapter of MUFON (COMUFON) in 2001. He is currently the treasurer, public relations director, and historical education specialist.
He was later appointed as public information officer of MUFON, from 2009 to 2012, by the MUFON international director. Barry was tasked with putting together an information and education program on the history of ufology.

Barry's historical presentations cover major UFO events from 1941 to 2011. The majority of these events involve military, law enforcement, multiple-witness sightings, and physical trace evidence. This information is available in six separate educational PowerPoint presentations.

Barry has lived in Centennial, Colorado, with his wife, Dale, for over twenty years. He is an avid skier and enjoys camping and hiking in the Colorado Rockies.