Using Behavioral Science to Market During Times of Uncertainty

Using Behavioral Science to Market During Times of Uncertainty

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Marketing has never been as challenging as it is now during uncertain economic times. Shirin Oreizy, CEO & Founder of Next Step, will be sharing the latest research on how humans really make decisions during times of uncertainty, and how you can use Behavioral Science to rethink your marketing communication, reduce customer acquisition costs and extend your runway.

In this session we’ll cover:

  • What Behavioral Science teaches us about the human mindset during times of uncertainty.
  • How you should rethink your messaging to adapt to your prospects & customers' new mindset.
  • Which Behavioral Science principles you should use to keep prospects and customers engaged during these difficult times.
  • Q&A with the audience.


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About the Speaker
Shirin Oreizy
Shirin Oreizy
Founder and CEO, Next Step

Shirin Oreizy is the Founder and CEO of Next Step, an award-winning Behavioral Design Agency with offices in San Francisco, CA & Boston, MA. Next Step leverages the latest research in Behavioral Science (the study of how humans really make decisions) to design better outcomes for businesses in their marketing and growth initiatives. Their client base is diverse and includes GitHub, The United Nations, AAA, and Stanford University to name a few.

Shirin has a degree in Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley and holds accreditations from Duke University and UC Berkeley on Behavioral Science and Positive psychology. Her work applying Behavioral Science in marketing & growth is regularly featured on Forbes, INC. & the Huffington Post. Sheʼs on the board of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) San Francisco, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University & NYU.

Layla Mazdyasni
Layla Mazdyasni
Senior Manager, Research & Creative, Next Step

Layla is the Senior Manager of Research & Creative at Next Step, where she helps clients develop strategy and ensure its full execution throughout research and creative output. She has extensive experience applying Behavioral Science interventions for marketing in various industries, including B2B Enterprise, Fintech & Financial Services, Digital Health, and Government. She has a degree in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley, as well an accreditation in Behavioral Economics from Yale’s Center for Customer Insights.