Using Behavioral Science to Increase Product Adoption

Using Behavioral Science to Increase Product Adoption

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By now you’ve mastered the art of moving fast and breaking things, but at a certain stage of growth, hacking your way forward simply doesn’t work as well.

Join us in our upcoming webinar to learn how startups can apply Behavioral Science at the top of the funnel to measurably increase adoption. See what happens when B2B and B2C startups use this scientific methodology to uncover the psychology behind their audience's decision-making. If you’re ready to skip the guesswork and create a reliable roadmap.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Behavioral Science & why it’s relevant for marketers
  • Scientific Methodology for applying it to your Marketing & Growth challenges
  • Real-life examples of Behavioral Science applied to the top of the funnel to increase adoption


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About the Speaker
Shirin Oreizy
Shirin Oreizy
Founder and CEO, Next Step

Shirin Oreizy is the Founder and CEO of Next Step, an award-winning Behavioral Design Agency with offices in San Francisco, CA & Boston, MA. Next Step leverages the latest research in Behavioral Science (the study of how humans really make decisions) to design better outcomes for businesses in their marketing and growth initiatives. Their client base is diverse and includes The United Nations, International Land Conservation Network and Stanford University to name a few.

Shirin has a degree in Engineering & Computer Science from UC Berkeley and holds accreditations from Duke University and UC Berkeley on Behavioral Science and Positive psychology. Her work applying Behavioral Science in marketing & growth is regularly featured on Forbes, INC. & the Huffington Post. Sheʼs on the board of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) San Francisco, and a guest lecturer at Stanford University.

Brad Swain
Brad Swain
Chief Behavioral Scientist, Next Step

Brad holds advanced degrees in Economics and Behavioral Economics from University of Rhode Island, Columbia University and University of Miami. His past experience includes working alongside famed Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely, helping organizations such as AARP, Lyft, The City of San Francisco, and many more.

Brad is a featured speaker at The Society for Judgment and Decision Making and Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics. When not working, he still likes to do research! He has worked with the Reducetarian Foundation to help encourage people to eat less meat, and The Think Tank to help accelerate diverse participation in STEM.