Be More Human: Lessons For World-Class Innovation & Creativity

Be More Human: Lessons For World-Class Innovation & Creativity

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Learning how to better innovate and create will help you provide greater value for yourself, your family and your organization.

Every company needs innovation and creativity to remain competitive – especially in today’s world. Building a culture of creativity and driving innovation doesn’t happen by accident, nor does it happen by magic. This talk provides lessons common to the best innovators, all of which are relevant to professionals engaged in marketing products and services.

In this informative session, you will be able to:

  • Apply what NASA taught us about becoming a creative genius {again}
  • Explain the importance of creativity
  • Hear the myths and folklore that impede our progress
  • Apply best practices to improve creativity


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About the Speaker
Tom Triumph
Tom Triumph
Author of Evolve or Die

Thomas Triumph helps companies grow by collaboratively working on vital areas of their business - Technology, Product Development and Marketing. He is a hands-on executive with a record of achievement managing dozens of innovative products within several different industries - and within Fortune 500 and startup companies.

Tom has helped large organizations act more nimbly in the market and small companies scale. Leading Marketing and Business Development, he has launched numerous technology products and led cross-functional teams – including participating in two technology revolutions – less invasive medical devices and the Internet/software. Tom has been a part of some remarkable technology and business growth success stories (as well as some misfires).

Building submarines out of 55-gallon drums in grade school, he eventually fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard a research ship (Jacques Cousteau was on the Board of Directors) and tending to the mini-sub. Tom also wrestled in the Olympic Trials, founded a consumer electronic company (Athletech), and worked for leading companies to help launch and lead: medical device products, software, Internet companies, professional consulting services, and the largest hovercraft ever built in the U.S. from composite materials (25 ton).

Tom is the author of the book Evolve or Die: Lessons for World-Class Innovation & Creativity. The book contains a culmination of experiences, thoughts, and learning-- much of it from world-class innovators and creators.

He resides in North Carolina and is an ultrarunner who envies Tom Hanks’ long run as Forrest Gump.

Tom fulfilled a childhood dream of living aboard an ocean research ship and tending to the mini-sub (Cousteau was on the Board), wrestled in the Olympic trials, and helped oversee the design and fabrication of the largest composite hovercraft ever built in the US.