AMADC's Business Accelerator Program

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80 M Street SE
District Of Columbia

AMADC's new Business Accelerator Program is for entrepreneurs who seek sales and marketing guidance specific to their business challenges in the digital economy. The goal is to help entrepreneurs optimize the commercialization of their businesses through personal guidance, strategies, actionable tactics and techniques and community-building. The program starts with an in-person kick off, is delivered through virtual immersive and confidential one-on-one coaching and ends with TED Talk style pitch presentations by participants to a panel of judges. The program is held over an eight-week period starting in January 2018.

The program is being offered by the American Marketing Association’s Mentor Program, a mentoring program for junior and senior marketing professionals now in its twelfth year. Among the proteges who participate, we have found that there are a few who have started their own businesses, such as content marketing, advertising, etc. Although we have mentors who are entrepreneurs themselves, the program itself isn’t geared towards supporting these proteges through the topics of the events that we offer, the program structure or the networking opportunities that we provide. This program is being started to fill that gap.


The program kicks off on January 8 and ending March 19 with pitch presentations by all participants.

  • Kick-off; January 8
  • Weekly one-one meetings
  • Pitch night and social: March 19

Both the kick off and pitch night run from 6:00 - 8:00pm and are held at the WeWork in Southeast DC.

Program Details


The program is kicked off with all participants together along with program management. It starts with a formal welcome, introductions and icebreakers for participants and an overview of the program and how it will work.

Weekly one-on-one meetings

A session will be a one-on-one interaction between the protégé and the mentor, either in person or through a video-based platform. All online meetings will be recorded for the participant to review as needed after the call.

Emphasis will be placed on using technologies that facilitate growth and productivity, such as the following:

  • Zoom (for video meetings).
  • Video-based whiteboard sessions.
  • Personalized video tips sent through e-mail.
  • Google Docs, including collaborative spreadsheets.

The program has been designed to easily and seamlessly incorporate these technological tools. Anyone with a video camera, computer, and Internet connection can easily participate. No plug-ins or costly subscriptions are necessary. The coach will grant participants access to any necessary tool.

Pitch night and social

The program culminates in an evening where, similar to a TED Talk, is a limited duration, and each participant has 10 minutes to pitch their business to a panel of judges. The goal of the pitch presentations is for participants to reinforce what they learned during the program and to earn public proof for their efforts. The panel of judges provides feedback to their concepts via a set of identified criteria.

The presentations are followed by a social hour to allow for networking.

For more information about the program, click here!