Elections for the 2018-19 AMADC Board of Directors are now underway.  Each year, this process always prompts me to ask myself questions like: What makes an effective leader? What qualities and traits do I display as a leader? What motivates me as a leader? What can I do to become a better leader?

If you look around, you’ll undoubtedly notice that leaders enter our lives in a variety of ways. Elected officials, corporate executives, patriarchs and matriarchs, community and professional association volunteers, and other persons in our daily lives all help to shape how we view ourselves and what we aspire to become. There are many qualities that experts agree make up a great leader, including:

  • Confidence
  • Ability to Inspire Others
  • Commitment and Passion
  • Decision Making Capabilities
  • Honesty and Integrity


But perhaps the one characteristic that every leader has in common is that they accepted the call and/or rose to the challenge.

At AMADC, we’re fortunate enough to have many members who have rose to that challenge.  From the Past-Presidents and Board of Directors who have dedicated themselves year-after-year to building our Chapter into what it is today, to the countless volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and talents to helping us fulfill upon our member promises, we are truly fortunate to have a community of dedicated professionals. Each of you have made a difference.

This year’s election cycle presents an opportunity for you to think about your leadership potential. Are you ready to exercise your skills and talents for the greater good of your fellow members? Our first member communication announcing board elections for the 2018-19 term went out last week.  You’ll notice a few open board seats, as many of our longstanding board members will be stepping down at the end of this term. Therefore, we’re looking across our membership and DC marketing community for professionals to fill key roles and help us to lead our Chapter into the next year. 

This open call for nominations to the general membership is to help us identify and fill the following roles:

  • President-Elect
  • VP Membership Acquisition and Retention
  • VP Volunteer Engagement
  • VP CMO Leadership Circle

Read more about the roles and their associated responsibilities here.  (There are also several associate VP positions available, too.) The nomination form is available here and applications are open to all members in good standing, or non-members who join the organization prior to March 2018.

Are you ready to accept the call and elevate yourself as a leader in our local marketing community?