We are living in a time of rampant uncertainty with marketing budgets under enormous pressure to deliver more for every dollar spent. Salesforce’s 8th Annual “State of Marketing Report” offers valuable insight into what comes next. Here are a couple of highlights.

 👉🏼 CMOs cite customer preferences and expectations as the #1 influence on digital strategy. With customers looking for more ways to engage online, marketers are increasingly tapping into a wide variety of interactive and user-generated content to meet demand.
👉🏼 Many marketers are finding success by unlocking new customer segments, investing in digital-first experiences, and hosting virtual and hybrid events.
👉🏼 Email use accounts for 80% of all outbound messaging. Moreover, the number of outbound emails increased by 15% in the last year.

Here’s where you can download the report: https://bit.ly/StateofMarketing