AMADC celebrates its 90th birthday in 2022, and if there’s a community deeply connected to DC, it is us. 


Connecting with AMADC Builds a Brighter Future for All of Us

Do you sometimes feel as though you are dealing with so many different challenges your head is spinning?  AMADC celebrates its 90th birthday in 2022, and if there’s a community deeply connected to DC, it is us. 

Marketers are pulled in so many directions right now it’s overwhelming. One way to get rid of the feeling that your head is about to explode is to join a community of 600 plus marketers all dealing with the same life and career challenges you are. Marketers who know the DMV and its unique challenges, ones who can support, nurture and cheer you on.

Our new membership campaign, #DCConnected, is focused on trying to benefit from the chaos. We’re here to help members and prospective members  build meaningful connections with other marketers right now in our once again mostly virtual world. If you join or renew your membership with AMADC now at $149, you get all of the benefits of AMA including access to cutting-edge research, thought leadership, digital strategies, and much more.

During the course of this pandemic we’ve focused on bringing marketers from multiple industries, backgrounds, non-profits, and government and allied professions together to learn more about each other. We’ve focused on who our members are, their challenges and successes and what we can learn from each other. 

Membership in AMADC is not just belonging to another trade association, we are a community that lives, breathes and loves marketing. As our chosen profession changes with markets, we want to change with it and help you make the most of your futures. 

  • Our Marketing Mentors Network has a 17-year track record of pairing younger professionals with veterans who can help guide them towards making the right decisions about their lives and careers. 
  • Our Case Competition for college students helps teams of students from colleges and universities solve real world marketing challenges and obtain feedback from an expert panel of judges with sterling credentials. 
  • Our programming, events and certifications through AMA improve professional development at a time when we all should be building skills for a complicated and challenging future. 
  • Our volunteers have the opportunity to give back and build skills in areas of marketing they may not work in right now.

We are all in this together. Don’t wait. Join or renew your membership with AMADC today. And tell your colleagues they should too. Get #DCConnected. Learn more here!