Connecting Collegiate AMA Clubs with the AMADC Marketing Community

The Collegiate Connector is a community within the D.C. Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMADC), one of the largest and most active AMA Chapters in the U.S. Collegiate Connector members benefit from connecting with experienced marketers, networking opportunities, and educational programming. 

Students benefit from opportunities to network with area marketing professionals and to attend events featuring marketing leaders from local businesses and agencies. 

Collegiate Case Competition

AMADC’s annual Collegiate Case Competition provides undergraduate marketing students attending colleges and universities in our region an opportunity to work on a business challenge and present a marketing strategy before a team of judges. 

2021 Competition:

  • First Place: Howard University (Sydney Jones, Jovoney Morton, and Eric Rattray)
  • Second Place: University of Richmond (Ciara Campbell, Saul Osorio, Mihir Shroff, and Natalie Wittstock)
  • Sponsors: Goodwill International Industries, The Barber Home Group

Planning for the 2021-22 Competition is underway. Contact if you are interested in learning more about sponsoring this event or having your collegiate team participate.



Contact with your questions and a member of our collegiate team will get back to you.