Global Diversity Awareness Month celebrates the values, contributions, and diversity of cultures and communities around the world. Our AMADC chapter diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) committee in October 2020 stated that every October, Global Diversity Awareness Month is a reminder of the positive impact a diverse culture of people can have on society as a whole. The month’s focus is an opportunity to highlight AMADC’s own commitment to diversity. Thanks to the DEI team, leadership support, and partners we made strides to develop a voice, presence, and awareness.

Several years later, AMADC is still committed to integrating inclusivity into every aspect of the organization-from our leadership to our programming, policies, and practices. This month we would like to share our revived efforts to support the marketing community.

Our new board member of DEI, Veronica Holmes Purvis, stressed that “we want to keep DEI at the forefront by providing a support system year-round for our community by highlighting regular DEI resources, practices, and having ongoing conversations that will aid and reflect our members.” I aim for us to be inclusive and unified in one AMADC. Our strategy will be to prioritize codifying resources for continuity; creating more content; collaborating with other organizations; and communicating efforts more widely. Please join our movement to drive these strategies.

Specific strategic objectives will be to:

  • Improve our AMADC DEI omni channel presence and information to enhance the experience of our members across our platforms.
  • Increase our overall AMADC DEI content, messaging, and programming to engage more constituents.
  • Collaborate more internally (with AMADC committees; AMA national board) and externally with potential organizations (like HBCUs and HSIs) to expand the chapter’s resources and reach.
  • Create more online and virtual DEI engagement opportunities with the marketing community.

AMA partnered with The Diversity Movement to provide learning opportunities for our community. AMADC will strive to share these resources regionally to extend the reach of these vital resources which are mostly free for members. The featured resource this month is the Global Diversity Awareness Month Guide for some ideas on how to create an authentic celebration of diversity at your organization.

October month-long observances include:


Get Involved and if you have any questions, please reach out to our VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Veronica Purvis at