Digital Marketing Trends for Late 2023

Digital Marketing Trends for Late 2023

The digital marketing landscape is a rapidly changing terrain where adaptability is the key to success. As we progress through 2023, some digital marketing trends are becoming clear frontrunners in terms of ROI, consumer engagement, and brand recognition. Here are the top five trends to watch and focus on:

Conversational Marketing & Chatbots: Consumers demand real-time responses, and conversational marketing fills this gap. Chatbots, powered by increasingly sophisticated AI, can engage customers 24/7, answering queries and aiding in conversions. This is not just about convenience but building stronger relationships. Read More.

Video Content, Especially Short-Form: With platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels surging in popularity, short-form video content is king. Brands are leveraging this medium to tell stories, promote products, and engage users in innovative ways. The visual and auditory elements of video make it more engaging, memorable, and shareable than text-based content. Check out these case studies.

Personalization & Segmentation: Consumers expect content that resonates with their interests and preferences. This has made personalization in email campaigns, web content, and even product recommendations a must-have. Tailoring user experiences increases engagement, loyalty, and conversions. Delve deeper into the benefits of this in this article.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Modern consumers are making decisions based on more than just product features or price. They are looking at the ethical stance, sustainability efforts, and social responsibility of companies. Marketers are focusing on highlighting these initiatives in their campaigns to appeal to this conscientious audience. Here’s why it’s important.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: AR is making waves by offering consumers a ‘try before you buy’ experience. From virtual try-ons in fashion to AR-based furniture placements in homes, this immersive technology is bridging the online-offline gap and boosting sales. Learn how brands are leveraging AR.

As 2023 unfolds, businesses that capitalize on these digital marketing trends stand to reap significant rewards. Prioritizing these strategies and allocating resources to them can make the difference between a brand that thrives and one that lags behind.

Applications are Now Open for the 2023/24 Marketing Mentor Program

Applications are Now Open for the 2023/24 Marketing Mentor Program

Whether you’re an experienced marketing professional seeking to impart your knowledge, or an aspiring marketer in search of guidance, this program is a unique chance to create meaningful professional connections. Applications are open for our 2023-2024 AMADC Marketing Mentor Program!

Potential Mentors: 
We understand the vast experience and expertise you’ve gathered throughout your career. This is an opportunity to pay it forward by mentoring an up-and-coming marketer. Your insights, experiences, and wisdom can help shape the next generation of marketing leaders, making a real impact on their career trajectories.

Potential Proteges: 
This is your chance to learn from the very best in the industry. Our mentors are seasoned professionals who have navigated the challenges of the marketing world and emerged victorious. They will provide you with invaluable knowledge, firsthand advice, and a broader network – keys to opening doors to future opportunities.

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Application Deadline is August 31, 2023.

Let’s collaborate, learn, and grow together with the AMADC Marketing Mentor Program. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Discussing HBO Max’s rebrand to “Max”: A rebranding misstep?

Discussing HBO Max’s rebrand to “Max”: A rebranding misstep?

As fellow marketers, I’m sure you’ve noticed the recent shift from HBO Max to the simpler moniker, “Max”. This significant rebranding decision has sparked numerous conversations in our field, with many citing it as a potential rebranding faux pas.

HBO has spent decades building a robust brand identity synonymous with high-quality content. However, the decision to abbreviate to “Max” may dilute this brand equity and could potentially lead to confusion among consumers and the overall customer experience.

Another thing to point out is the poor impact on customers as the “improved” app is not delivering the same experience as the original HBO Max app, as discussed in this article by Inc.,

In our own branding efforts, we’ve understood the importance of maintaining consistency and clarity in our brand image. This recent move by HBO Max raises intriguing questions about balancing the desire for fresh branding with the risk of losing established brand recognition.

What are your thoughts on the rebrand? What lessons can we learn and apply to our own future branding campaigns?

What top CMOs have to tell us.

What top CMOs have to tell us.

We are all drowning in work, and to say that it’s hard to keep up with what strategies leading marketers use, is an understatement. The CMO Podcast, hosted by Jim Stengel former CMO of Procter & Gamble, can help.

Since Stengel was CMO of the largest brand marketing company in the world, he gets a host of great guests. Their discussions are frank and actionable. He also features a lot of female CMOs. Here are just a handful of those he has interviewed recently:

•      “Lead with Trust,” Dara Tresedor, CMO, Autodesk
•      “Why Sustainability has a Story Problem,” Nelson Kunkel, CMO, Deloitte Digital
•      “Taking off the Creative Handcuffs,” Lara Richardson, CMO, Hallmark Media

And remember, AMADC has its own speaker series by and for members titled, “Top Trends in 2023” where we discuss what’s going on in our market and beyond. Go to:

Convincing your boss to invest more in marketing

Convincing your boss to invest more in marketing

We are living in a time of rampant uncertainty with marketing budgets under enormous pressure to deliver more for every dollar spent. Salesforce’s 8th Annual “State of Marketing Report” offers valuable insight into what comes next. Here are a couple of highlights.

 👉🏼 CMOs cite customer preferences and expectations as the #1 influence on digital strategy. With customers looking for more ways to engage online, marketers are increasingly tapping into a wide variety of interactive and user-generated content to meet demand.
👉🏼 Many marketers are finding success by unlocking new customer segments, investing in digital-first experiences, and hosting virtual and hybrid events.
👉🏼 Email use accounts for 80% of all outbound messaging. Moreover, the number of outbound emails increased by 15% in the last year.

Here’s where you can download the report:

AMADC Celebrates Black History Month

AMADC Celebrates Black History Month

This year AMADC celebrates all African Americans and the courage it takes to become successful.

Maryland’s new Governor Wes Moore is a wonderful example of those who persevere. He is the first black governor of Maryland and only the sixth in our nation’s history. He sent out a letter recently to his supporters and explained,

“Last month, I was sworn in just blocks away from the Annapolis docks, where so many enslaved people arrived in this country against their will. We stood in front of a capitol building built by their hands. It is a testament to the fact that progress is not inevitable, but possible.”

Moore first came to national attention after the Baltimore Sun ran a story about Wes Moore, a local student who had just received a Rhodes Scholarship. In the same edition, they also ran a story about four young men who had allegedly killed a police officer in an armed robbery. One of the suspects was also named Wes Moore.

Our Wes Moore corresponded with the man he shared a name with for several years. They had both grown up on the streets of Baltimore, even hung out on the same street corner, but had taken completely different paths in life. The book was a bestseller and showcased to all how the choices we make shape our lives.

Moore’s story is not just inspiring but a testament to what we all can accomplish. So, the next time you come up against what seems like an insurmountable obstacle, remember that story and keep going forward. You can do this!

Please join AMA’s president Bennie F. Johnson, our president Andrea Smith, and other AMADC panelists for a discussion next week about Black History Month.

Have a great week!