Bruce Tait is an award-winning brand strategist that will be headlining an AMADC How-To session on September 29th. His innovative techniques strengthened and aligned major international brands as industry leaders. I had the opportunity to discuss some of his career highlights and latest conceptual strategic philosophy.

In the past, he has provided strategic direction to a declining Gucci brand. When the celebrity designer Tom Ford announced his departure in 2004, all facets of the company faltered. Tait and his agency, Tait Subler, defined Gucci’s new point of view. They re-themed the company from top to bottom after conducting advanced research to capture the brand’s transformative quality. Applying their extensive background and expertise in target segmentation, they were able to reveal how the brand differentiated from the competition. They found it left a “lasting impression of sensual power.” That new message had a metaphorical quality that amplified and elevated the company back to its original upper-echelon ranking as a luxury brand.

Tait intends to change the strategic thinking processes behind brand management. I have learned that an abundance of brand planning should build from the motto “what makes you different, makes you better.” If you don’t apply this mindset to marketing initiatives, Tait believes that you’ll miss the opportunity to build brand equity. “The focus should be creating connections on an emotional level,” says Tait. He is a firm believer in brain science research, which teaches that “if you are not communicating to people on an emotional level, then you are not communicating to the part of the brand that is making decisions.” Commitment to a brand stems from that emotional aspect.

When positioning a brand, a ladder approach is vital. Join AMADC on September 29th to learn more from Tait about the three levels necessary to positioning a brand: 

1- Values

2- Emotional

3- Functional

One example Tait shared was how Nike is not only selling shoes – they are selling values. He explains that “Just Do It” has nothing to do with shoes. “It’s a way of living, a philosophy,” he says. Connecting on the value level generates the maximum amount of loyalty in customers.

To learn more about Tait and how to differentiate your brand, register for the event here.