Board Member Spotlight – meet Amy Hauser, AMADC’s new VP of Member Communications.

Our New VP of Member Communications Amy Hauser

Our new VP of Member Communications is an accomplished marketer with an exciting vision for improving member communications. With a background in international business, she moved to DC from San Francisco for a job with a Danish company in the transportation industry. From there, she was recruited to work for a German aerospace company in 2019. 

When the role with the German company was unexpectedly transferred to Germany, Amy started her own strategic marketing company, Aha Enterprises, LLC.  She maintains private clients while also working as a consultant to federal agencies with Guidehouse.

 “I love using technology to help people communicate better. Well-informed people feel more engaged and involved,” she says.

Getting to Know AMADC 

Back in 2017, Amy began attending AMADC events and found the other attendees to be friendly and relatable. She recalls a particular Career Development event held in the Navy Yard which prompted her to get more involved. From there, she eventually became a protégé in the Marketing Mentors network in 2019 and joined as a member. Then, she began volunteering with the Women in Marketing group. 

 In August 2022, she stepped in as the VP of Member Communications. 

 “I’m really excited about this role and giving members a better onboarding experience,” she says.  “When I signed up, I didn’t have a clear sense of all the benefits or next steps,” she says. 
Amy has been working with other Board members to develop a 30-60-90 day automated email drip campaign for brand-new members. She’ll develop the protocols for AMADC to reach out with information about: 

  • How to better leverage the many benefits of membership
  • Key AMADC events/programs
  • Guidance on how to get more involved

To further develop her marketing skills, in 2021, Amy completed the Certified Digital Marketing Professional certification program which AMA offers in partnership with the Digital Marketing Institute.

Plans for Boosting Events and Social Media Interaction

The great news is that event attendance has picked up since the pandemic caused all of us to get used to online events. With Amy’s help, AMADC has started to publicize individual events via email again, and numbers are exceeding goals in some cases, especially for in-person offerings. Professionals want to get out and meet new people, and many recent in-person events have been well-attended.

Another area for growth that Amy sees for the DC chapter is better use of social media to engage members. She plans to build a more robust LinkedIn DC chapter community where we can leverage this technology for members to stay better connected and receive event invitations directly through the platform.  

Overall, she looks forward to elevating communications to keep members involved and exchanging knowledge. She’s got the energy and enthusiasm to get the job done! 

“In marketing, things are evolving so fast. Having a community of AMADC members who are willing to share their knowledge and skills is essential. We have the opportunity to connect and learn from each other,” Amy said.