I have always been fascinated by those who make it to the C-Suite. The power to make decisions that drive a company, the challenges they face along the way, and the amazing people they must meet. However, as a Marketer, my chances of making it to the C-Suite are pretty slim. A 2016 study by Korn Ferry Institute of over 1,000 top U.S. companies (based on revenue) found high turnover rates for CMOs. The study also found the average CMO tenure to be the lowest of all C-suite titles - an average of 4.1 years, while CEOs were the longest running with an average tenure of 8 years.

What gives? Based on research of 7,429 marketers and non-marketers by Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise, doing great marketing is not the same as leading marketing. Just because someone is great at executing a digital campaign doesn’t automatically equate to being a successful marketing leader. “Leading marketing isn’t just about serving the customer,” say Barta and Barwise in their recently published “The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader." “It’s also about increasing and using your knowledge and marketing’s influence inside the organization to improve the end-to-end customer experience.”

Barta and Barwise share three “truths” or key insights that promise marketers some hope:

Truth #1: Your power lies in the space where customer and company needs overlap (the “V-Zone”).  Marketing success is about maximizing the overlap between customer and company needs.

Truth #2: Success in marketing is about mastering “The 12 Powers of a Marketing Leader.” A great marketing skill set will get you in the door, but succeeding in marketing requires adopting 12 key leadership skills that include mobilizing your boss, mobilizing your colleagues and mobilizing your team.

Truth #3: You weren’t born a marketing leader - you must become one. Personality matters very little when it comes to a marketing leader’s success. Almost anyone can learn these behaviors.

As part of our journey to develop marketing leadership skills, the AMADC Mentor Program is thrilled to be hosting an insightful evening to develop our marketing power using the Frientorship model with Claudia Williams, Chief Frientorship® Officer and member of the Mentor Program Advisory Board.

Frientorship is an approach designed to build strong leaders and fully-engaged teams by harnessing key principles of friendship, mentorship and leadership. This event will focus on breaking down the pillars of the frientorship® method (friendship, mentorship & leadership) and showing us how to apply these skills to our careers as marketers and to be the leaders we all need at work or in our businesses.

To join us on March 22, 2018 as we learn how to take our marketing leadership to the next level, register here.

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