Rise of Live Streaming

Live streaming has proven to be effective and is here to stay. Previous projections and concepts that were presented over a year ago are now flourishing into effective channels for marketers. The initial analysis focused on downloadable apps; however, web sites are also implementing live streaming capabilities. For instance, Facebook made the most recent major enhancement by adding their streaming service Facebook Live. The social media giant saw the opportunity to capitalize on business to consumer relationships.

Why has live streaming been so successful in such short amount of time? First, live streaming is user- friendly at both ends of the spectrum. Content producers may produce video streams without expensive technical equipment. The consumer doesn’t need any specialized training in order to receive or connect to a stream.  Secondly, live streaming is measurable in terms of impact. Thanks to analytics like those provided by Facebook; businesses have an array of statistics to work with.

Live streaming provides the platform to create a branded shared experience. During election season, the presidential candidates maximized their reach through live streaming. According to Youtube, “The 2016 presidential debates rank as the three most-viewed political live streams of all time. In total, these debates drove 8.5M live watch hours and averaged 1.7M live peak concurrent viewers”.

Live Streaming Maps

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