Stephanie and Brent

Everyone hates commuting. Sometimes it feels as if the world just doesn’t understand the daily pains of traveling on I-395 or I-295. Of the 8 million people within the DMV - roughly 2 million of those people commute daily into a small 68 square mile city. The average commuter spends an estimated 61 hours commuting, with 20% of that time spent idling during peak rush hour times.

That’s a lot of time wasted, stuck in alone time with random thoughts.

In today’s competitive marketplace, professional gridlock is just as common. The difference is professionals and entrepreneurs alike are trying to find their way - not home, but to a rewarding career.

The fortunate thing for marketers is that AMADC is here to help you navigate to your desired destination and make the most of any time stuck idling. AMADC is the 4th largest AMA chapter and home to outstanding local education and career resources and programs.

On a new episode of the Through the Noise podcast, AMADC President Brent Hayhurst and President-Elect Stephanie Sikorski discuss the different benefits that AMADC offers to marketers. They also dive into the inner workings of organizing at the chapter level and managing volunteer boards.

Through the Noise is a podcast that "explores the business of communicating through conversations with executive directors, CEOs, communications directors, entrepreneurs, and other professionals who deal with the management - technical or creative - process of communications."

On the show, Brent and Stephanie share their personal stories of how AMADC has helped them overcome their own career obstacles. More specifically, they hone into the importance of making connections and leveraging the chapter’s culture of like-minded professionals to help guide you forward - and around any career roadblocks.

Click below to hear Brent and Stephanie highlight the benefits of volunteering at AMADC, and how they continue to push the chapter to new heights.

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