Mentees Speak Out How AMADC’s Mentor Program Helped Them

By Megan Stamper – Insights & Strategy Director, Marriott International

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The global pandemic has had a profound impact on careers across industries and marketing is definitely one of them.  Whether you have been furloughed, laid off, or simply left uncertain about your career, AMADC’s mentor program, Marketing Mentors Network, can help and several of last year’s mentees told us why. I spoke with Jade Dixon (JD) – Digital Marketing Coordinator, National Association of Bond Lawyers, Sydnee Logan (SL) – Senior Social Media & Content Specialist, Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, and Ashley Singleton (AS) – Strategy & Operations Program Manager, Google.  

MS: What drew you to the Marketing Mentors Network and how did it work out for you?
JD: It’s actually pretty difficult to network and find someone who is able to consistently stay in touch. I wanted that structure and to know that my mentor would talk to me at these times, in order to stay on schedule, and set goals. Plus, I had the opportunity to meet other professionals in the marketing industry in various niches. 
AS: As a rising manager, I was looking for objective guidance about best practices as a manager and a sounding board for decision-making. It is more challenging to grow people management skills compared to traditional skill development. My mentor worked with me to develop a management style. 
MS: Did you set specific goals with your mentor and how did your mentor help you to accomplish them?
SL: The thing I really wanted to figure out is what I want to do next. My mentor showed me different areas within marketing that I could fit into and what I would need to know for those types of jobs.
AS: I really wanted to focus on developing my management style. We mapped out what that looked like for me and how to determine the core problem when creating a solution. My mentor was excellent at understanding what I meant and helping me to organize thoughts. She also helped me with setting expectations in the workplace that would position me to grow beyond just being the person to take on difficult tasks and into developing a true personal brand. 
MS: Are you still in touch with your mentor and what is your relationship with him or her now?
AS: Yes, we still stay in contact. I recently changed positions and my mentor was instrumental in helping me to get this new role. She helped me throughout the entire interview process.   
JD: We message each other periodically to stay connected since the program has ended. We really got to know each other on a personal level and even during the program we connected outside of our mentorship meetings because we share similar interests.  
MS: Would you recommend the Marketing Mentors Network to others and why?
JD: I would recommend it, especially for recent graduates working in entry-level roles. It’s a good way to get your foot in the door. You have access to a network, workshops, and someone that will push you to take initiative and become a better marketing professional. The program also taught me how to be a mentor. Around the same time, my company launched a mentor program for the staff and a coworker asked me to be her mentor. It was a really good opportunity for me to learn different ways to be a good mentor.
SL: Definitely. A lot of marketers can find themselves working as a team of one so there isn’t someone available to ask questions and get feedback. The AMADC program will give you the resources needed to advance, especially if you are kind of in an island of one marketing team.
Interested in being paired with a mentor? Learn more about the Marketing Mentors Network and submit your application.