AMADC Membership Rocks!

Every day we find ourselves seeking value in memberships. Whether you are buying a three-month supply of paper towels, while toting your Costco Member card or you are racking up the Starbucks rewards points, we like to belong and we love the perks that follow. Having an AMADC membership is no different. 

AMADC offers networking opportunities. There are several events throughout the year that are dedicated to broadening your social and professional network. Each month AMADC hosts a networker, usually at a unique chat-worthy venue. Members are encouraged to mingle amongst their marketing peers, while building connections that may prove rewarding for professional growth. It is not unusual to find resources to help you carry out you next great work project at a networking event. 

AMADC offers educational opportunities.  From panel discussions to presentations, top marketing talent is provided a platform to showcase their expertise. AMADC also facilitates a mentor program that allows for protégés to pair up with an established mentor. Together they work towards accomplishing a goal that is identified by the protégé at the start of the program. The growth that transpires between a mentor and protégé is priceless.  Additionally, with every membership, AMA provides access to industry leading journals and magazines to keep you on top of your game. 

Finally, AMADC offers opportunity for volunteer involvement. Rolling up your sleeves and getting involved feels great. The organization is made up of volunteers who serve on a variety of active committees. Whether you are tapping into a committee that reflects you professional strengths, or you are eager to test your skills, there are many ways to put your talent to good use. Regardless of your marketing background, there is room for all members to get active. 

On top of all of the aforementioned benefits, AMADC recognizes that membership doesn’t have to be a lonely path. Group memberships are offered, yielding group discounts when members join or renew their memberships together.  Groups can consist of friends or coworkers. When all is said and done, the greatest benefit of being involved with AMADC is loving what you do and doing what you love, while meeting some pretty amazing people along the way.