Marketing Mentors Network spotlight: Marcus Travis


Marketing Mentors Network Spotlight: Marcus Travis


We learn the most from the ones we surround ourselves with – whether it be a wise grandparent, kindhearted friend or super-smart colleague. From our younger selves’ sports teams to our present-day marketing gigs, mentorship is a critical component of personal and professional development. 

For Marcus Travis, former Virginia Tech basketball player and current interim marketing director at the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), mentorship has been instrumental throughout his life. So when Marcus found out about the AMADC Marketing Mentors Network, it was a natural integration into his lifelong mentorship journey. 

“I come from the sports world, so I understand coaching,” said Marcus. “I like to be trained and train others, so it only made sense to find someone that can help me professionally – to be that ‘coach.’” 

One of the key benefits of the Network is not only the mentor you’re matched with, but the community of protégés you join. Opportunities like happy hours and protégé Slack channels help create a culture of learning, empathy and camaraderie. 

“Having access to the network of protégés gives me the confidence I need to reach out and talk with people I’ve never met,” said Marcus. “Talking to other protégés, I’ve realized we are all experiencing some level of the same thing in this marketing world. Whether you’re at a corporation or a nonprofit, we all have a lot of the same challenges and pain points.” 

Nearly all of us suffer from imposter syndrome at some point in our careers. We don’t know enough to be subject matter experts. We’re not experienced enough to be business leaders. We aren’t innovative enough to be industry disruptors. Having a mentor is one of the best ways to combat this kind of thinking.

“I needed someone to say, ‘here's the path that you should take, here are the areas to consider, here's a book to read,’” said Marcus. “My mentor is a talented marketing executive, as well as a dedicated parent. So seeing how she juggles that with parenthood and everything else gives me confidence. Seeing other people succeed motivates me.” 

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