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Join AMADC and guest speaker Leigh George on January 31, 2019 as we explore the marketing trends ahead for 2019. We sat down with Leigh to get some early insights before the event!

What is your favorite part about being a branding expert?

I love learning deeply about a client’s organization, brand, audiences, market, competitors, etc. and working together to create personalized solutions for their particular goals and challenges. Things are changing so rapidly and there is so much disruption, there isn’t a single industry or brand that doesn’t fascinate me.

Tell us about some brands/people that you follow because you admire their work and feel inspired by them?

I am so passionate about the Ace Hotel that it’s the only place I stay when I’m in NYC. From the signage to the spaces, every moment has been thoughtfully designed to make you feel welcome and cared about. They’ve created a total brand environment. 

I’m consistently inspired by local DC brands like Steadfast Supply, the Lemon Collective, Take Care, Shopkeepers… At a time when technology has made us more isolated than ever before, they are offering new models for retail that emphasize connection and community.

What was the last book you read that left you feeling pumped up and full of ideas for your own work?

I’m a huge advocate for design thinking. Design thinking offers a human-centered approach to marketing that helps us create more effective and impactful communications. A book I’m always recommending because it’s such a great resource is The Designing for Growth Field Book by Jeanne Liedtka. This book has a wealth of design thinking tools, resources and examples you can use at every stage of your marketing. 

What is one piece of advice you'd offer to a marketer as we enter 2019?

Understand your audience! Get to know their needs, behaviors, motivations, fears and barriers. Only by understanding your product or service from your audiences’ perspective will you be able to create marketing that they welcome because it engages them—otherwise you risk developing interruptions that irritate them.

Join AMADC on January 31st to hear more from Leigh and learn more about the key trends shaping consumer behavior and beliefs - and how you can capitalize on them effectively in your marketing. 

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