As part of our #OptimisticApril series of events and resources, we’re featuring marketers in the community and seeing what new things #quarantinelife has brought their way. 


As part of our #OptimisticApril series of events and resources, we’re featuring marketers in the community and seeing what new things #quarantinelife has brought their way. 
AMADC caught up with Kayleigh Tanthorey, Business Development Manager at DC Brau and a current participant in the Marketing Mentor Network program, and her mentor Aimee Stern, founder of Brave Now PR and AMADC’s Public Relations Chair. As veterans of work-from-home life, Kayleigh and Aimee offer advice for those new to the WFH game, share the challenges caused by the international pandemic, and reveal opportunities they have found along the way. 

Gucci and Hellman's mayo


What is your “new normal”?

Kayleigh: I’m working on my personal brand and doing art outside of my day job. I recently launched a new Instagram @KayleighJayUnofficial and my website is coming next! My newest art is inspired by the fact that “my new normal” includes not being able to go out for art supplies. Using what I have in the house–like food and cleaning products–has led to unlikely combinations like Cheetos and Windex or Gucci and Hellman’s mayo. 


What are your top three WFH tips?


  • First thing in the morning, I do what I have been putting off or have been the most anxious about. Do that when you are the freshest. Once that is done, the day is easier and much more relaxed. 
  • The hardest thing for me is not feeling guilty when you aren’t working. Remember it is okay to step away to do laundry for 10 minutes or have a proper lunch hour. 
  • Know your productive hours and work when you know you will be productive. Then, shift your schedule accordingly.


  • Set rewards for yourself. You will be much more focused because your reward is waiting for you.
  • Get up and move. Try a noontime yoga class or a walk in Rock Creek park. Moving and getting out in nature does wonders for me. 
  • Have a routine and stick to it. Make sure you have times associated with each task, even breaks. For example, I read the news for an hour each morning between 7 and 8 am, then get my work day started. 


  Aimee Stern and Albert Einstein    Aimee Stern and Albert Einstein   

[Aimee and Albert Einstein, the dog, heading for their walk in Rock Creek Park. He’s not vey good at park selfies]


What is challenging right now?

Kayleigh: Staying motivated, yet balanced. It is much more challenging to take on the longer-term projects with excitement because you don’t know if they will come to fruition or when. 

Aimee: MARKETING! We have no idea what is appropriate right now. It is really difficult to know what the message should be when you have no idea of the state or mindset of the people on the other end of the message. 


What opportunities have you found?

Aimee: It is a fascinating time to be a communicator right now. You get a lot of examples of what is not appropriate messaging during this crisis by watching the brands who have fumbled. You also notice some people who are silent and think they are the ones who should be talking, and vice versa. 


What do you need advice on right now? 

Kayleigh: I’ve seen a lot of examples of “what not to do” from other brands and organizations, but I haven’t seen a lot of “good” examples or effective messaging. It’d be nice to brainstorm with other marketers about what to say to people during this time. 

Aimee: In a similar vein to what Kayleigh described, I’m wondering the best way to present myself and my business during this time? How do I help people?


What advice do you have for others?

Kayleigh: Find and take joy wherever we can. It may be more difficult to find those little moments of joy right now, but they are there. 

Aimee: Be supportive and be brave. Our view of what to do is going to be different than others. Be accepting. People have different levels of fear and apprehension. The best thing we can do is be supportive. Most importantly, be brave. Bravery is important now more than ever.

What advice do you need and what advice do you have for others? What opportunities or challenges have you found? Head over to AMADC’s LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter to share a part of your “new normal” using #OptimisticApril with us for an opportunity to be featured here on the AMADC blog.