It seems like a standard morning routine to walk into work, hot coffee in hand, and go through the morning shuffle of emails—delete, respond, respond, delete. Bates Creative disrupted the casual morning experience on May 2, 2017 with an animated email announcing their new website launch that was anything but ordinary. Brains gently swayed on a diagonal in a bright green room overlaid with luminescent text, “A new digital dimension—Bates Creative. See the change.” As AMADC’s creative agency, Bates Creative’s new design caught our attention right away.

On paper, Bates Creative is a full-service design agency in the Washington, D.C. metro area. But it’s more than that. Bates Creative is a creative space that thrives on transforming branded experiences by blurring the lines between business-minded logic and thought-provoking designs. The agency does this with its creative perspective, Artistic Intelligence. It is how Bates Creative creates change for clients—by tapping into the secret behind their success and drawing it out through artistic expression.

Bates Creative’s new website embodies Artistic Intelligence by inviting visitors into its space. Built in WordPress, the website will literally and figuratively shift your perspective by offering interactive elements that are triggered based on users’ actions. For example, cinemagraphs on its About page create a connection with users by simulating casual interactions with the Bates Creative leadership team. Nuances like this are peppered throughout the website to keep users engaged, allowing them to discover something new with each page at their own pace.

The centerpiece of the new website, the Expertise page, details how Bates Creative can create change for brands seeking branding, digital and print solutions. By detailing different focus areas for each of its creative expertise, Bates Creative connects with visitors through its understanding of their needs and how to transform them into actionable experiences. Case studies are featured on each sub-page to demonstrate how clients with similar creative challenges were transformed to not only embody their respective brand missions, but connect with audiences in new ways as well.

On its new Events page, the agency shares which events it is speaking at, sponsoring and/or attending so it can connect with you in person. Because Bates Creative is a firm believer in practicing what it preaches, you can also submit a request for the agency to speak at or sponsor your upcoming event.

Bates Creative’s new website activates a new dimension of design. Artistic Intelligence spurred the redesign of the website with accompanying branded assets, including a redesigned newsletter and a bold social media presence. We are excited to have Bates Creative supporting AMADC throughout our brand evolution, and are proud to be a part of their growth and dedication to bigger picture design. See the change at and shift your perspective with Artistic Intelligence.


Danielle’s flare for writing lives somewhere in the middle of the “content connoisseur” and “media maven” Venn diagram. She currently works in marketing at Bates Creative and loves communicating with others one blog, social media post and networker at a time. Connect with her on LinkedIn or follow her on Instagram.


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