Digital Marketing Trends for Late 2023

Digital Marketing Trends for Late 2023

The digital marketing landscape is a rapidly changing terrain where adaptability is the key to success. As we progress through 2023, some digital marketing trends are becoming clear frontrunners in terms of ROI, consumer engagement, and brand recognition. Here are the top five trends to watch and focus on:

Conversational Marketing & Chatbots: Consumers demand real-time responses, and conversational marketing fills this gap. Chatbots, powered by increasingly sophisticated AI, can engage customers 24/7, answering queries and aiding in conversions. This is not just about convenience but building stronger relationships. Read More.

Video Content, Especially Short-Form: With platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels surging in popularity, short-form video content is king. Brands are leveraging this medium to tell stories, promote products, and engage users in innovative ways. The visual and auditory elements of video make it more engaging, memorable, and shareable than text-based content. Check out these case studies.

Personalization & Segmentation: Consumers expect content that resonates with their interests and preferences. This has made personalization in email campaigns, web content, and even product recommendations a must-have. Tailoring user experiences increases engagement, loyalty, and conversions. Delve deeper into the benefits of this in this article.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Modern consumers are making decisions based on more than just product features or price. They are looking at the ethical stance, sustainability efforts, and social responsibility of companies. Marketers are focusing on highlighting these initiatives in their campaigns to appeal to this conscientious audience. Here’s why it’s important.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experiences: AR is making waves by offering consumers a ‘try before you buy’ experience. From virtual try-ons in fashion to AR-based furniture placements in homes, this immersive technology is bridging the online-offline gap and boosting sales. Learn how brands are leveraging AR.

As 2023 unfolds, businesses that capitalize on these digital marketing trends stand to reap significant rewards. Prioritizing these strategies and allocating resources to them can make the difference between a brand that thrives and one that lags behind.

Applications are Now Open for the 2023/24 Marketing Mentor Program

Applications are Now Open for the 2023/24 Marketing Mentor Program

Whether you’re an experienced marketing professional seeking to impart your knowledge, or an aspiring marketer in search of guidance, this program is a unique chance to create meaningful professional connections. Applications are open for our 2023-2024 AMADC Marketing Mentor Program!

Potential Mentors: 
We understand the vast experience and expertise you’ve gathered throughout your career. This is an opportunity to pay it forward by mentoring an up-and-coming marketer. Your insights, experiences, and wisdom can help shape the next generation of marketing leaders, making a real impact on their career trajectories.

Potential Proteges: 
This is your chance to learn from the very best in the industry. Our mentors are seasoned professionals who have navigated the challenges of the marketing world and emerged victorious. They will provide you with invaluable knowledge, firsthand advice, and a broader network – keys to opening doors to future opportunities.

Don’t wait to seize this opportunity. Sign up today and make a difference in your career and our community.


Application Deadline is August 31, 2023.

Let’s collaborate, learn, and grow together with the AMADC Marketing Mentor Program. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Amplify your marketing efforts with Instagram’s Threads app

Amplify your marketing efforts with Instagram’s Threads app

As part of our commitment to bring you the most effective and innovative strategies in marketing, we wanted to introduce a relatively new tool that has the potential to significantly enhance our content marketing initiatives: Instagram’s Threads app.

Threads is an intimate communication platform that enables users to share media with a select ‘Close Friends’ list. Here’s why Threads could be beneficial for your marketing efforts:

1. Authentic Interaction: Threads encourages deeper, more personal engagement with your audience. This not only fosters stronger relationships but also boosts brand loyalty.
2. Enhanced User Experience: Threads offers an uncluttered interface with real-time updates, capturing your audience’s attention solely on your content, thereby enhancing their overall experience.
3. Micro-Influencer Engagement: Micro-influencers can utilize Threads to share your brand’s content with a highly targeted follower group, potentially increasing engagement rates and brand influence.
4. Exclusive Content Platform: Threads allows you to share exclusive content, offers, or insights with a select follower group, promoting a sense of exclusivity and fostering customer loyalty.
5. Insightful Metrics: Threads’ metrics can provide you with deeper insights into your most engaged audience segment, contributing to more effective marketing strategies.

If some of them are a part of your marketing strategy, then take the Threads app for a test drive to see if it should be part of your overall marketing efforts or if you need to scratch it off the books. Martech wrote the following article that you may also want to read.

Best Regards,
Your AMADC Marketing Team!

Future prospectus from the AMADC president and board

Future prospectus from the AMADC president and board

Dear AMADC Members,

As President of the American Marketing Association DC (AMADC), I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge your continued support and involvement, which is the cornerstone of our community’s success.

The past year has demonstrated the resilience, innovation, and creativity within our AMADC community, as we’ve navigated challenges brought on by unprecedented global circumstances. Despite these hurdles, our collective work has produced an array of successful programs, events, and networking opportunities that have facilitated growth and learning for all members.

Looking forward, our primary mission remains unchanged: to empower our members by providing invaluable opportunities for professional growth. We plan to accomplish this through an expanded offering of webinars, workshops, mentorship programs, and networking events – both online and, as circumstances allow, in person. We aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and resourceful community where everyone feels heard, valued, and inspired.

This year, we are focusing on emerging marketing trends, such as the role of artificial intelligence in consumer behavior analysis, ethical data usage, and the continued evolution of digital marketing landscapes. We are committed to providing members with the tools, knowledge, and connections needed to stay at the forefront of these developments.

Your active participation and feedback are vital as we continue to shape the future of AMADC. Together, we can create an environment that nurtures professional growth while reflecting the diverse interests and expertise within our community. Your Board of Directors has each prepared a service promise for the upcoming year of what you can expect moving forward.

As always, I am grateful for your contributions to the AMADC community, and I eagerly anticipate what we will achieve together in the coming year. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any ideas, questions, or concerns.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to the AMADC. Here’s to another successful year of growth and innovation.

Best regards,
Giuseppe Laviano
President, AMADC

Service Promises from your Board of Directors

“In 2024, I will continue working to secure exciting partnership opportunities for AMADC – fostering strategic relationships with businesses and organizations that align with our mission and values – that will help enhance our chapter priorities and member engagement.”

-Kara Chris VP, Partnerships

“District Current has a lot in store for the upcoming year! First and foremost, we want to serve as a reliable resource that young marketing professionals can use to connect with each other. We also want to serve as a conduit for young marketing professionals seeking out opportunities for growth and support from the larger AMA and marketing community. We are looking forward to meeting you this upcoming year. Stay tuned for more communications from us!”

-Arthur Uratani VP, District Current

“Our goal is to provide members with a central resource for everything AMADC! Over the next year, we are working on developing our website in four key areas, focusing on brand, user experience, content, and data analytics. Afterall – we are marketers, and our website should reflect the power that the DC Chapter represents within the marketing community. If you have ideas, don’t be a stranger – I look forward to hearing from you.”

-Julia Wilton VP, Web Strategy

“This year, we’re excited to strengthen our relationships with area marketing schools to provide even more value and resources to the marketing leaders of tomorrow.”

-Jennifer Adach VP, Collegiate Relations and DEI

“We’ll be teeing up market research efforts that support the Board in their quest to optimize your membership.”

-Joy Levin Co-VP, Data & Insights

“This year, you can expect to fall in love with your AMADC membership as we re-vamp and bring you new exciting member experiences your non-marketing friends will be jealous of for years to come!”

-Kaelyn Banks VP, Memberships

“We’ll be teeing up market research efforts that support the Board in their quest to optimize your membership.”

-Wendy Price Co-VP, Data & Insights

“We are excited to launch the next round of Mentors Network applications in August and grow this program back to pre-pandemic levels while leveraging a hybrid meeting model that enhanced the program and increased participation this past year. Mentor/protégé matches can expect robust educational programming, an introduction to various areas of AMA DC where they can further engage with fellow marketers, and most importantly, a mutually beneficial mentor relationship that helps protégés meet their personalized career goals.”

-Stefan Bradham VP, Mentorship

“We are planning networkers at new, exciting places that reach out to where our members live and work — and play. Expect the unexpected.”

-Linda Roth VP, Networkers

“You can expect NEW event series that will bring excitement, engagement, and new perspectives to the AMADC community! I’m excited to meet with my fellow marketers and learn more about their needs so that we can develop programming that is customized specifically for them!”

-Laura Genovese VP, Programming

“I’m excited to be serving the largest marketing community in the DMV and am looking forward to bringing our membership of marketers, graphic designers, creatives, gigsters, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, corporate marketers, and artists together.  Communications will provide valuable and branded communications of our events and resources that will help all of you in your daily marketing lives while building a community WE can all count on.  Come and get social with us and let’s grow our community locally and globally with all of you and our other AMA Chapters in the DC area and beyond!”

-Mónica Malavé, VP, Communications

A Message from the 2023/24 AMADC President

A Message from the 2023/24 AMADC President

New Year. New Board.

Dear AMADC Marketing Community,

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits and with enthusiasm for the future of our DC chapter. Today, I have the honor of assuming the role of President and am eager to work alongside each one of you as we embark on an exciting journey together.

First and foremost, let me express my heartfelt gratitude to the 23/24 BOD team for their unwavering dedication and the incredible work they have done to shape our chapter thus far. We are gifted with a wealth of talent within our community, and I am committed to building upon this strong foundation as we strive for even greater heights.

As an Engineer and Marketer, I bring a unique perspective to our community, one that merges the worlds of strategic planning and flawless execution. It is at the intersection of these two disciplines that our true potential lies and it is here that we will forge our path forward.

To kickstart this exciting new chapter, our BOD will be convening next week to discuss our collective vision and chart a course toward success. I am confident that this meeting will yield a solid plan to enhance our digital and social footprint, ensuring that our chapter remains at the forefront of marketing innovation. We will seize the opportunity to create engaging events that captivate not only our younger members but also our esteemed longtime colleagues. In our pursuit of excellence, we will be intentional in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, weaving these values into the fabric of our events and initiatives.

Moreover, fostering open lines of communication is paramount to our collective growth. Together, we will establish a culture where every member feels valued, heard, and supported. To that end, I encourage each of you to share your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, for it is through collaboration and the free flow of knowledge that we will push boundaries and realize our full potential.

I am particularly thrilled to highlight two cornerstone programs that will continue to thrive under our leadership: the Marketing Mentors Network and the Executive Leadership Council. These initiatives are the backbone of our community, offering invaluable guidance, mentorship, and opportunities for professional growth. As we move forward, we will fortify and expand these programs, ensuring they remain catalysts for individual and collective success.

Above all, let us remember that we are one team, bound by a shared passion for marketing excellence. By supporting and uplifting one another, we will create an environment where growth is inevitable.

In closing, I want to express my deepest gratitude to all of you for your commitment and dedication. It is your collective energy, expertise, and unwavering spirit that will propel us forward. Here’s to an incredible journey ahead!

Warm regards,

Giuseppe Laviano
President, AMADC